The Unknown

The Unknown

When the sun has gone
And the day is done
When the night whisper with the wind
And the moon is glamorous
When the dead walk to and fro
And the living has retired to sleep
When the owl start composing
And the bat goes shopping
When the sky is littered with stars
And homes glow like the fireflies
When the highway is empty
And the traffic lights are lonely
When death and life dine
When the living is mystified
When footsteps deafen the night
And laughter pierces the darkness
When children scream in their bed
And elders are awaken to reality
Then know they are here
The unknown

7 thoughts on “The Unknown” by obiink (@obiink)

  1. Reminded me of a song, I think the name is demons, by Imagine Dragons, not quite sure. Nice one @obiink

  2. @OBIINK. A little scary but for me that time of the day is the part I love the most but now am wondering whether “the unknown” are not the ones controlling me when I pick up pen and paper to write some of the crazy stuff that find their way into my head at that time of the day.

  3. IT’s nice – simple language yet powerful imagery.

    I do think the last line could have been lots better though – I think.


  4. Love the composition.(@Seun-Odukoya): just echoed my thoughts. There was no proper conclusion to the poem.

  5. The fear of the unknown is the beginning of wisdom
    Even in the bible, there was an inscription: “To an Unknown God”

    Nice work @obiink

  6. thanks for reading, your appreciation and criticism.. will do better

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