This Twisted Generation

This Twisted Generation

I belong to the school of thought that believes that the world is a school and all men my teachers; and so I look forward to everyday as an opportunity to learn something new.

With this in mind, I want to share with you, something I learnt a few years ago, and something I would rather not learn about. If only I had used my selective attention ability. My naive, innocent, beautiful world, wouldn’t have come crashing down,leaving me hollow,empty and numb.
It was with horror that I watched. NO!… glimpsed at the video of the murder of four ‘beautiful’ young men. I couldn’t bear to watch it and just hearing ‘’kill am’’, ’’this one never die o’’ was too much for me to bear.

I weep for my generation, I weep for my country, I weep for young people all over the world, especially in Nigeria who have lost their humaneness, deadened their conscience and silenced the voice of reasoning. What moral justification do human beings have,to brutally snuff out life from another human being? Flesh and blood like yourself, young future leaders, in whom rests our dreams of a ‘’better Nigeria’’. Just based on an unproven allegation of theft?As if that was not heinous enough, they had an audience. Men, women and children acting as referees, watching, some capturing the video, others acting as stage directors in this modern day Gladiator scene where the animals; are actually not animals but human beasts.

When and how did we get this far? When did we become this morally depraved? When did we begin to see crime scenes as opportunities to prove how technologically savvy, we’ve become by bringing out all manner of gadgets to record such gruesome images? When we would have taken the time to call the police. Yes, you can say if it wasn’t for the video, this crime wouldn’t have been exposed. But the boys wouldn’t have been dead either. And stories like these abound. Sometime ago it was In Syria, where ‘normal’ human beings (men, women and children) watched the beheading of a priest. Without flinching, without cringing. WOAH! like it was some sort of action movie.

And then my heart bleeds for the little kids who were allowed to see this madness. And surprisingly though, they did watch, very keenly. Without looking away.
Lord! what sort of future are we preparing our kids for? Haven’t we heard enough complaint about our generation to still feel the need to breed young ones, who’ll be worse than we are?

In memory of Ugo,Lloyd,Chidikobi and Tekena
(Aluu four).

11 thoughts on “This Twisted Generation” by ebiesmusings (@eberenwosu)

  1. Hopefully, the ‘beautiful’ four have found rest, far from the troubles of a twisted world–twisted minds, systems and institutions.

    Nice write.

    1. @namdi,I hope so too. Thanks 4 reading

  2. @eberenwosu. I really feel sad for us and the generation to come after us, things will only get worst unless we all do something about it. I once had the misfortune of watching a cruel and gruesome beheading video of a woman by some muslim youths that video still haunts me today.

    1. @danjuma -I’ve never been able to watch any of those videos till the end. I too feel sad, I look at my daughter sometimes and I feel deeply sorry. I don’t know what will be left of this world’ by the time she’s grown. Thanks for reading

  3. It is a terrible world we live in and it’s going to get steadily worse. As you said, I too look at my children and compare my childhood with theirs. Yes, they do have access to better things. But the world is also much more polluted than it was when I was growing up. How indeed will the world be by the time they are grown?
    genocide, xenophobia, racism, jungle justice…when will it all end?

  4. God help this generation and the ones to come.

    1. @mcsnol Ameeeeeeeeeen n thanks

  5. @ Folakemi Cyber crimes and bullying,terrorism,psychopatic and sociopathic behaviours,sexual aberrations( that have become norms) …need I say more? God help us all, thanks for reading.

  6. @Folakemi..cyber crimes and bullying,socio pathic and psychopathic behaviour,sexual aberrations(that are fast becoming norms),terrorism…need I say more? Thanks for reading

  7. No love is found amongst us, else such should not be in any human society.

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