A Tribute To The African Woman


At the back of her hut, she’s engaged in her culinary duty for her family. Her pot is placed on three big stones set in a triangle. Within them are placed firewoods she had hewn earlier from the forest.
She skillfully stirs her #Egusi broth. With her other hand, she fans the embers. She tastes her product and true to her nasal conjecture, it lacks perfection. She knows the taste of every aroma and the aroma of every taste. She adds some locust beans to heal her soup then she gives it a gentle stir and smiles. The aroma is corrected.

She gets the room ready for the sumptuous dinner of pounded yam with Egusi broth heavy spiced with aquatic species. She picks a banana leaf she’d stowed under their bamboo bed. She serves the pounded yam on the banana leaf. It looks like an igenous rock in three strata. She flatens it and makes a hollow in the middle for the receipt of the soup. At the right base of the pounded yam, she places some fish entirely permeated with egusi. She stands to fill an earten bowl with water and then her husband comes in with the children. She genuflects for him and unloads the baskets of yam from the children.

The entire family circumferences the gastronomical meal of an irrepressible woman.

3 thoughts on “A Tribute To The African Woman” by Olaniyi Olayemi (@OlaniyiOlayemi)

  1. These days, we don’t use firewood or banana leaves, but the love for family still remains the same. A good ode to the African woman

  2. This should be a short story….
    I like the Africanness embedded in each word and sense group…but this should feature in short stories…
    Granted, there are some narrative poems as exemplified by writers such as Hugo von Hofmannsthal in his “Creatures of Flame”, etc.
    But this one is way not poetry. It lacks almost all the features that poetry is known for.

    In all, you should keep writing.

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