Titanic — Prologue

The story is divided into two parts. part one being mostly
what came out in the movie, then part two what
happened after the sinking.
and everyone has seen the movie. but, the ending in my
story is completely different. i don’t want to give off too
much, but I changed the ending and it has a combination
of paranormal/fantasy-ish to it. just wanted to add that,
to let you know it isn’t straight off the movie that
EVERYONE has most likely seen. it’s my version of the
hope you read and thanks! :)

Rose’s Point of View
Sometimes I think I just wasted my time–
Well, if time truly was what existed where I stood. And I
didn’t know where I stood to begin with. My life wasn’t
the kind of life that would happen to an ordinary person.
Everything I’d ever expected never was what came by,
nothing went according to plan… and sometimes, things
would take dramatic swifts, and personally, I’d think life
would do that for the fun of seeing my shocked reaction.
It all started when I was to board the ship of RMS Titanic.
And, I’d guess things happen for a reason, fate has you
tied down like a slave. But in the story of my life, it wasn’t
a typical story you’d read in biographies, and even
movies at the time. Some people can change the world,
and people admire them because of that. Even changing
the world has no comparison to what happened to me.
Just to let you know, I cheated fate with death along it.
And I got sent into a world of chaotic mess, the only way
to stop it was to kill it– fate itself. My whole world
revolved around Jack, I was surprised at the many things
I did to save him, and I wouldn’t regret any.
Like our saying goes; you jump, I jump.
But it all ended up to be all right since the start, I was
living in somewhat of a dream world. With pains and
tortures that never even existed, yet at the same time
were as real as the memories I have from it now.
And even right now, there is not grasp between reality
and fantasy, well, to me.
Sometimes we just have to wake up into this reality, after
waking up through layers of dreams within dreams.
Useless fantasy.
And I await that day, until I wake up into the reality I
know I belong to.
It makes no sense, I know I am not even being
descriptive to what exactly happened to me. But, fate is
strange… it has a strange manner of acting– life itself. It
has too many surprises, just too many.
And I am here to try to describe it, my poor attempt in a
book of pages. Well, let’s begin from the start, where else
would it begin– surely not in the middle of nowhere.
Well, it all started when I hopped off the car to board the
RMS Titanic…
“I don’t see what all the fuss is about,”
My eyes moved to the left, past the crowd of rowdy
people, to dock and sea beneath it, until reaching the
entrance of the ship, I could see it… The Titanic. The way
the morning sun was casting orange beams of sunlight,
reflecting it across the ships surface. A long, big structure
of beautiful architecture. Titanic was remarkable, surely I
did know what all the fuss was about. Yet I was acting
like the little brat I was brought up to be. You see, I never
did feel like myself. I was nothing more but a stupid,
spoiled brat.
The sky was bright, as everything was illuminated by the
sunlight. As if gold had been poured upon us, everyone
around was devouring the beauty of this miracle. It was
like this inexplicable phenomenon in everyone’s eyes, and
all that we were left to do was look up in awe.
Observing the view before me for a moment, I pulled
my purple hat closer down my face to avoid the sun’s
piercing light into my eyes. I bit my lower lip as I casted
my eyes upon my soon to be husband, Caledon
Hockley. His chocolate eyes met mine, the sunlight
created a warm color into them, normally they’d look dull
“this ship doesn’t look any bigger than the Mauretania.” I
finished my sentence, as I crossed my arms over my
“It’s over a hundred feet longer than the Mauretania!”
Replied Caledon, with great emotion in his voice, and
face. Something he admired, whenever he admired
something he would talk about it with all the emotion in
the world.

I stood there, starring at the grand ship before me, as the
world around me continued to revolve. Boisterous
people, the laughter, the conversations, the way they
waved at their loved ones already in the ship, I just stood
there as I waited for my mother to hop off the car.
My mother did, hoping off in the most elegant manner
she could manage. Her puffy dress fluffed with the wind.
Caledon helped her off. “Your daughter is far too difficult
to impress.” He had told her with a chuckle, I observed
the way he crinkled his lips up to form the uncanny smile
only he could make. For some odd reason, always
reminded me of a cat’s mischievous smirk.
You see, that was what I meant by, I never felt like
Cal’s words echoed throughout my head, and I just
wanted to tear myself apart with annoyance at their
I hated being so selfish, deep down inside I wasn’t that
girl at all. But no matter what, I kept on doing it. And the
more I did, the more I hated myself. I never understood
why it was so hard to stop, possibly because all I needed
was someone to love me and change me into the girl I
was behind the mask.
My mother laughed in return. She pulled her hat closer
towards her face as her grey-blue eyes scanned the
surrounding. “This ship is supposed to be unsinkable?”
She asked.
“It is so, even God Himself cannot sink it!” Caledon
All our bags and luggage were dumped on the floor,
beside me. And a man approached along with another
man to take all our luggage. And just for you to get a
clear idea of how much luggage we had, I mean two
extra cars filled with pure luggage.
Then finally, we began to walk through the crowd of
uproarious people. So many faces, so much noise. They
all were as close to the ledge of the sea as possible,
waving to their dear loved ones already aboard. There
was no space at all– to be able to slide through all these
people, it was a quite difficult task.
What was I doing here in the first place?
That was all I thought, as I continued showing the world
a shell of a girl, whom was I. I never wanted to come
here. Yet, it was the ship of dreams, well to everyone
else. But to me, it was a slave ship. Taking me back to
America in chains. Outwardly, I was everything a well
brought up girl should me… but inside, I was screaming.
I had my arm on Caledon’s, as I made my way through
the white bridge, the ocean underneath. I kept my other
hand along the white painted rail, sliding my fingers
through the cool surface. My eyes were still on the dark
blue waves below me. I was walking into the entrance of
the Titanic. I should’ve been filled with joy, but instead. I
felt nothing.
I turned my face around to Trudy, my maid. “My coat?” I
asked softly as I met her gaze.
“I have it right here, Rose.” Trudy replied.
I shot her a slight smile, as I turned my eyes back to
what laid in front of me.
I ducked my head, hoping my purple fancy hat won’t slip
off as I made my way under the mahogany door of the
luxurious ship. There I was, walking into the ship of
dreams. Little did I know my whole life would have
changed, on this very ship.

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