The Story Of A Ghost

This is a sad story, the story of a man who died trying. This is a story if a man who wished he hadn’t listened to the distant yearning of darkness. This is a true life story, and it was written by a ghost!
Life was very easy since I was eating from my mother’s palm. Things have been very great, feeding fat on my mother’s purse. Then there was a twist of event, a bad turn around. Things were expected to turn, but I never knew it will be for the worse.
Months turned to years, and suddenly I was 33 years old, still eating from my mother’s palm, and feeding fat on her purse. Not that I did not try, not that I was lazy. Not that I wasn’t educated, it’s just that things were determined to be foggy.
I tried my hands on some few odd jobs, I tried to be self-employed. I pinched my hopes with my hard work but was humbled with failures and woes. Soon, I became depressed, I wished to be on my own. I hoped I had a job, so I could repay my mother’s effort.
I was a good a Christian, I believed in God. I refused all invitations to atrocities, but yet I felt forsaken. My faith in God dwindled, I think he was never alive. My confidence in him petered away, eaten by my fruitless efforts.
My mates got married, living large in sins and glory. They got jobs and said my time will come, but it seems there was never a time.Years turned to more years, and soon its decade waved from afar. My wishes now took a new turn, and I wished I was never born. Depression slowly crept in, I took solace only in talking to myself. Suicidal thoughts become frequent, and I began to believe in it’s wise songs of freedom.
I have written many applications, attended interviews like they were rituals. I have read so many company’s profiles that I can begin to tell you offhand. And yet God refused to listen, I felt my prayers were wasted. I believed he wasn’t even looking at me, maybe his face has been covered by the thick clouds.
My girlfriend has left me, even though she said she was the problem. I knew the truth, she couldn’t wait any more years, not after waiting for ten. We thought things will be better after I graduated and served. It got better for her but not for me, and that was the beginning of the problems. At first she got pregnant but went ahead to abort it. And when I asked why, she said because I cannot afford it.
First she will miss my calls, and she will apologize. But soon she started to ignore them and told me she had only been busy. Then there was another guy, a working class and a friend. At first he was just her solace until he became the one she is willing to marry. Though she asked me to move on, and she even prayed that I find my kind. She said she is certain that with my efforts I will eventually make it in life. But my songs of hope cannot put food on the table, and my efforts cannot buy her clothes. My pleas to her seem like a mad man, who believed that everyone else is mad!
So, I listened to my soul, and its yearnings to be free. And to suicide I gave my ears, and he rocked me to sleep with his sweet lullaby of freedom!
But now I wish I haven’t listened, I wish my faith was strong. I tried to break free from the rope I have slipped my head into, my life sliding freely to the great beyond. There is no breaking free, there is no escaping. There is no need to struggle, for I ensured the rope was tight enough.
Right in my face, suicide clapped and laughed. The devil wined and dined as I slowly gave up my breath. I thought about my mom and her endless advice. She asked me to be strong, a virtue I always boasted that I have. Now I realize that I am weak, I admit that I am a coward. I will leave my mom in an endless grieve, and I wished I had never done this.
Hell awaits my soul, and my troubles become in vain. And yes, I feel no more pain, but the horror will linger forever.
Right after I died, and my soul awaits its judgement. My soul stood right beside my dangling body, hanging lifelessly from the ceiling. Then the unexpected thing happened, a text came into my phone. They said I have been hired, and my appointment letter is up for me to grab!
What a waste!
I hope to pass this message, as I walked my lonely path to hell. Please ensure you never give up, for one day it will surely be well.

10 thoughts on “The Story Of A Ghost” by KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

  1. Good message in there and you presented it well too. However, I think you could have edited better, to put the gloss on the story, so to speak. A couple of tense errors and one spelling mistake. Also, you said ” a working class and a friend,” but I’m not sure you should use “working class” like that. Rather, you could say, “a working class friend” or so sha. Finally, “I will leave my mom in an endless grieve.” shouldn’t that be “grief?” All in all, I think you did a good job.

  2. KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

    Thank you Sir…I appreciate.

  3. KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

    Pls, I need an editor for my novel. 75words, 175 pages.

    Pls contact

    1. “75 words, 175 pages?” That’s magic!!!!!!

      Please send me a private message, let’s talk terms and conditions for being your editor.

  4. suicide isnt the solution to hardship, it’s a phase meant to pass over. But all what he went through isnt enough reason to commit suicide at all. A good lesson for all… once there is life…. hope is abound.

  5. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    Nice message, @acmesuccess007
    I think you write well. I think you can tell a clear story, but like Sir Sam said, your tenses often sway from past to present back to past again. It’s something I sometimes find difficult while writing, but proofreading really helps correct these mistakes as much as possible. That includes a thorough spellcheck.
    Well altogether, good job.

    1. KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

      Thank you very much. I admit I’m in trouble about that already. Switching of tenses was a method I once adopted through a foreign friend who writes like that. I found them fascinating especially when ubwaa directed yo read novels from Sarah Morgan and some other fantasies. They said it will be good for me in poetry. Now, it has become a thorn…I think I need a crash course. I wouldn’t mind an online teacher.

      Pls contact me @anyone.

      Thank you Sir

  6. Too bad he had to end this way. Now, even if his soul wishes to return to his body, it cant because the rope hanging his frame midway between the ceiling and the floor has taken care of that. I just hope all the people going through depression will learn from this.

  7. Beautiful story, and a great lesson too. Thumbs up! But you should work on the errors detected. Errors in a beautiful write-up are like sand in a sweet food… You can imagine eating an interesting jollof rice together with sand in it.
    I really loved the story. Keep writing!

  8. KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

    Thank you. I wish I could really do something about the tense switching

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