The Love Discussion

The Love Discussion

Love discussion
My friend and I, one day talked about girls in our lives,
And how painfully we couldn’t get them off our minds.
Lo and behold, a fruitful discussion it was
That made us victims of nostalgia’s claws.
We were beaten and brought down by our past flaws,
but it brought about the rise of the Sage that lay dormant in us.
We talked about many things, more about the girls we like and love,
but at our age we were unsure if loving was right or wrong.
Then we inquired from the Sage of sages
Who said,
“Yes it is alright, but don’t get me wrong”
He said,”LOVE is NOT the FEELING we have towards a person”.
He said, “LOVE is NOT LUST, that must never be mistaken”.
It hath no negativity in it.
In all things LOVE ‘beareth’, ‘endureth’ and ‘believeth’.
And like His word it never ‘faileth’.
He said that LOVE is an embodiment of extreme beauty.
It is the definition of Perfect.

He said,”In you LOVE is LIVING”
and finally, LOVE is EVERYTHING

2 thoughts on “The Love Discussion” by OlOyE (@oloye)

  1. Those are really deep words.

  2. WORDS! There’s nothing more to say.

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