The Beast

The Beast

A creation that was made in perfection.
A creation that now lives in tension.
He has gone from imperfection to destruction. Destruction that has led to the fission of the, relationship between creator and creation.

In perfection it was created.
Inside perfection,imperfection existed,
because without imperfection,
perfection will never be stated.

Its existence, exist in the wake of deception.
In perfection and normalcy laid the animal;The Serpent.

His Creation made the beast.
In liberation, he made the sun rise from the east.
With his creation, everyday is a struggle.
Taming the beast, to cross, has become a
difficult hurdle.

The beast is filled with so many vices.
The beast comes all the time with so much crises. With its claws, its holding us back from reaching home.
Its half way there,what we reaped is what we’ve

The beast, the rift between creator and
He is the backbone behind every confusion.
In captivity it should be.
In purity of our soul, let the Savior come to thee.

The beast is not a sinner, its only fulfilling its’ obligation.
Home to the reprobate, no segregation

To the beast don’t be a prisoner.
To the beast don’t be a cinder
To the beast, don’t be his dinner
Shackle it’s hold and be a winner.

One thought on “The Beast” by Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

  1. Lol
    Can a perfect being turn imperfect? That’s the question.

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