A Taste On The Side 2

revenge-cast-5CHAPTER TWO

The Encounter

Ivory Hotels as far as Femi was concerned was one of the coolest hotels in Lagos. Probably that was an exaggeration but he could care less. He’d been there for at least three times now and had really started to consider making it his permanent residence as long as the money kept spilling in. Even though his sister’s residence was right there in Lagos, it would be a very huge risk to take, considering his line of work.

But of course, he wasn’t there at Ivory Hotels for business this time. As a matter of fact, he was there for pleasure, to celebrate the success of their latest hit. Humphrey, alias P-face was in the swimming pool with two chicks splashing water on his face, Ahmed, alias Cashman was sitting over at the far end of the pool with a babe on his laps, mouths locked in a kiss.

Femi this time was unfortunately alone and he was beginning to find it depressing as he gulped out his cigarette and continued sipping his drink but suddenly, his eyes fell on an approaching figure heading towards the bathroom of the hotel. The coke-bottled shape got his attention and his gaze lingered until it disappeared into the bathroom. He excused himself from the party and headed towards the bathroom. Looking at the header that read ‘women’ he contemplated going in but then decided to wait. Soon, the exact figure dressed up in a bikini stepped out bumping into him.

“Oh I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there”, Femi apologized as he looked down at her, taking in more of her features.

Gosh! She’s got big boobs…and she’s …”

“It’s okay…” She answered disrupting his thoughts, then turned to leave exposing more of her backside which made Femi’s mouth drop open and for a brief moment, he was lost. The sound of the laughter from the chicks playing in the pool brought him back to reality and he found himself contemplating if to talk with her or continue staring at what was in front of him. He felt himself go hard and knew instantly what he should do so he hurried towards her.

“Well hi, my name is Femi………about earlier, I was waiting for you, you know” Femi went on as he caught up with her.

“For me?”I beg your pardon?”, She asked looking up at him genuinely surprised at his statement. There was something in her eyes that got Femi confused, it was vaguely familiar.

“Well, I saw you go into the bathroom and I followed, I wanted to speak with you”, Femi answered flashing his best smile at her. Her lips parted and he found himself staring at them, wondering how they were going to taste.

“Speak with me? Why? Is there something wrong?” She inquired, as she turned and got into the pool.

“Oh yes, there’s something terribly wrong” Femi answered struggling to steady himself from the raging sexual urges that were beginning to envelope him. Watching her move about in the water like a fish got him wondering if she wasn’t a mermaid after all. Mermaid or not, right now, he didn’t care.

“Well, are you listening to me?” He called out, desperately trying to get her attention. After roaming about in the water, she turned towards him and then held his gaze. He could have sworn he saw a flash of rage in them, but he dismissed it as impatience. She’s just being upset that I’m bothering her, he thought.

Stepping out of the water, she picked up a towel and wrapped herself.

“Well, you were saying?” she asked walking passed him and then picked up her slippers.

“Well, you look strangely familiar and I was wondering if we’ve met before? Femi asked, fighting back the urge of not staring at her upright boobs. They were massive and he could think of nothing more than….he squeezed his fingers.

“Sorry mister, I’ve heard that pick up line before” She answered walking away from him and heading back to the bathroom.

“Ok, wait, can I at least know your name?” Femi asked trying to keep up with her pace. She was obviously a quick one and Femi wondered how quick she would be, getting into his bed. He wanted her and yea, yea, he was quite familiar with the game, knew it like the back of his palm, shakara first and then bam! She’s all his. The thought got him grinning

but come on, what girl in her right senses could possibly resist me?

Definitely not with his intimidating height of six feet and his gorgeously well-built body that took the breath of most girls. Well, he must admit in all his thirty three years, he hadn’t met a lady that matched up with the curves of this one or was it the familiar aura he kept feeling around her?

Ignoring his question, she walked into the bathroom. Again, Femi waited.

What was it with this girl sef exercising my patience? He thought angrily

He wasn’t particular known for patience and right now, the little he had been about to muster was seriously waxing thin. Maybe it was because the man downstairs wouldn’t behave, he decided. He could see his friends jeering at him at the other end. The sooner he got what he wanted from her, the sooner he would stop having this ugly feeling like spending more than a night with her. Maybe she could be his ‘hostess’ anytime he visited Lagos. The thought sounded appealing

….but wasn’t that what I’ve been trying to avoid…A girlfriend? His thoughts ran.

Getting Shade off my ass hadn’t been easy o and now i’m thinking of having another one? What the hell is wrong with me?

Soon, she was out of the bathroom, dressed differently but no less seductive than when she was in the bikinis. Ignoring his presence, she hurried down to the parking lot.

“All I want is your name….and of course your number”, Femi called out behind her. but she seemed more focused on opening the door of her car.  And when she finally did, she just slipped into it. Femi sighed but he knew it wasn’t over yet. There was no way he was going to give up, not especially when he hadn’t gotten what he wanted. He stood and watched her pull her car out of the drive way and just when he was about to walk back into the hotel, he heard her yell…

“I’m Ebere….my name is Ebere”

And then she drove off…..

To be continued…

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  1. Why keep me waiting now…???

    Interesting, I hope everything turns out well with Ebere.
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    1. thanks dear….more to come

  2. Ihe di n’ukwu! (That thing in a woman’s waist).
    Femi is seriously crazy, I mean his thought process…lol…
    Although it’s been long I chased after a woman, but we know all their pranks…What Ebere did is the usual thing with women…initial gra gra (IGG), but the funny thing is we all know. And anyone that doesn’t do it, seems all cheap…

    I like this episode more than the previous…
    I’m still following, so bring it on. I hope the next would beat this one….

    1. this is not a sequel competition love lolx…its a build up to a story with a very deep plot…however, i’m sure you’ll love the next one….so keep it here!
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