Some Hard Questions

2-4 zone

1 Can you kill? Deliberately or in a heat of emotion or for self-defence? Be honest to yourself because one day, God forbid, you may be faced with the reality.

2 Under which circumstances will you deliberately bunk…what the hell, let us be brutal…fuck a sexy stranger?

3 Can you openly disagree with your priest, pastor or Imam? Note, I did not say insult.

4 If your child tells you he is dropping out of his Law programme for History or to join the army or police as a recruit, what will you do? Especially if you re a Nigerian?

5 You come home from work, open the door and find your neighbour’s head in your apartment. What will you do since you did not kill him? But you quarrelled two days ago and are not on speaking terms.

6 Your boss gives you two options: either he bunks your woman or he exposes the fraud you have been perpetrating. Choose.

7 You are on top of your best friend’s fiance and the Lord Jesus comes? Note: both you, your friend and her man are staunch members of the same fellowship.

You get to heaven and meet the ‘ashawo’ on your street; the atheist in your office and the policeman at the checkpoint along your street. You even see that guy who attended a ‘dead’ church. But for you, the Holy Joe, there is no seat at the Banquet Table. Which mouth you go take talk am?

9 In the day of distress, an Eckist or Ogboni or atheist bails you out, while your fellow Christians or Muslims turn you down because of religious differences


2-4 zone

Listened to a very interesting conversation between my colleagues of both ethnic groups on this subject. The Yoruba gave me the impression that they have a ball over her death to celebrate her accomplishments. The Igbo mourn to show their pain at the passage of a loved in law. What do you think?

12 thoughts on “Some Hard Questions” by henry c.onyema (@ezeakwukwo)

  1. These are really hard questions but I believe that when we get to that bridge, we will definitely cross it. As for bunking a sexy stranger, its not a big deal for now, cus am not married. When I get married, then, I cant promise you that.

  2. @gmoney It’s not as simple as that. It’s not you bunking someone, it’s your boss bunking YOUR WOMAN, would you surrender your girl to cover your atrocities??
    This is a really good trend, the only ‘but’ is that the title doesn’t ‘qualify’ the content…

    Try and decipher this conundrums..

  3. interesting questions @ezeakwukwo
    2 under no circumstances
    3 yes
    4 I would hope my kids would not join police/army because it’s really dangerous. However it is their choice.
    8 I would find interesting to end up in heaven since I am agnostic…
    9 the person who bails me out is probably my friend. Religion affiliation should not be a criteria for friendship.

  4. Hard questions indeed. Got one thinking.

  5. About killing, nobody can say for sure, only few people can keep hold of their anger and keep themselves from ‘bursting’…Reminds me @roy-journals craved hope . No I wouldn’t kill, I haven’t got a temper like sango…except maybe for self defence..chai, it’s not even ‘sweet’ thinking about it. I don’t pray for such circumstances.
    About bunking a stranger, I can’t do it. Unlike Jef, I’m not agnostic or atheistic, I believe so much in the spiritual effecting the physical. So many mysterious operations can happen in ‘high places’ within 5 minutes of sex…
    @shovey got it right, this are questions that require a lot of thinking. But the bad news is that if it really happens, be grateful if you have a second to spare…

  6. 1 I don’t know.
    2 under no circumstances, not that I’m a prude but wouldn’t want to catch any std
    3 yes na
    4 I’ll exorcise him, it has to be evil spirits that will plant such an idea in his/her head.
    5 don’t get the question, why will his head be in my apartment.
    6 I’m a woman so I don’t have a woman, but if its a she and she asked for my man, I’ll ask him to perform badly.
    7 He is merciful now, he will forgive us.
    8 me no be holy Joe so no answer
    9 religious affiliations most definitely shouldn’t be a criteria for friendship.
    @praise see ma answers o.

  7. Hahahhahha

    Where do I start answering from? I think it all depends and I second @jefsaraurmax

  8. Lol @ameenaedrees Your answer for number 6 got me reeling with laughter.
    I wouldn’t push my girl to have a forced sex tho(except she has a crush on my boss)!

  9. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    Lol! This is hilarious. Lets see how this goes.
    1. Of course I can kill to save myself (well, depending on the person)
    2. An insanely hot stranger, totally…
    3. To his or her face… uh! I think I can, I just haven’t.
    4. I have always been in support of individual choices. I might not be so thrilled but I will support him all the way.
    5. Lol @ameenaedrees like you asked, what would his head be doing in my house biko?
    6. Ah! My partner has to perform o. This is totally a case of sacrifice.
    7. Okay now! The lord God is merciful, at least so the good book says.
    8. I will convince myself that this is not the heaven I should be in. Of course there should be another place where my former priest is seated, or at least the man who used to sit in the front row at church before he died. What kind of magic is that one?
    9. That doesn’t matter to me though. I don’t ever discriminate based on religion.

    Oya @praize I have said my own o.

  10. 1. Yes…….. In self defense
    2. Absolutely NOT
    3. Yes
    4. Ground him for a month
    5. Bury it quietly
    6. errrr…..
    7. Not Likely
    8. ;-)
    9. Sh** Happens.

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