Scrap NYSC

A picture is worth more than words
The way for a better world
Rather than welcome with shouts and insults
What about a civilized discussion for the nations’ salt
Let us take away the low health standard
Give better toilets, bathrooms and raise a standard
Not having to pay to charge phones and gadgets
Even if with a generator get access to constant electricity
Not getting mud and typhoid in exchange for clean water
And not made to roll with a smile and suppressed vengeance in the gutter
Not a year spent in a field the student wouldn’t go to even in a nightmare
And earning below those whose arms has given them amnesty
A time when their intellect is valued beyond their sex, religion and affiliation
Raise a model for the young guns to see a working country
For if all that is learnt in the process remains the slave-relationship with the military
Getting better placement based on affiliations
Staying in pig-holes called hostel while barked upon worse than prisoners
Paid less than nothing and told to get ready for the baton never given
The unaffiliated serving in schools as teachers for what they don’t know or have passion for
Where promises are made to graduates who suppose to yield result
As national integration is affected by pockets of unrest
NYSC – a model for a microscopic working Nigeria
If it won’t work, let’s scrap it and reduce wage bill for Nigeria

4 thoughts on “Scrap NYSC” by Ogbole Samson (@ogbolesamson)

  1. NYSC is very good. Scraping it won’t make sense.
    I wrote two different poems during my NYSC days. One was in camp, the second was two weeks before final POP.
    In the first poem, I castigated NYSC, giving the same reason you outlined above. But few months before our final POP, I had a change of view. It culminated in the last poem where I saw the good aspects of NYSC. Indeed, it’s an experience I’d love so much to live again and again.

    1. @chime221 I understand your point sir, having served a while back, but when I see corps members posted to my organisation, it seems the purpose has been lost and they are barely holding on to the goal behind its formation. When I compare the pros and cons from an economic perspective and the economic gains for the nation, I would say the cons out weighs the pro for now

  2. Who wrote this thing, I am assuming you have served and now you don’t want others to enjoy that 19,800 naira baa.
    Here is the thing, yes during service most of us were not active and were looking forward to alert but it gives a sense of belonging and you get familiar with work environment.
    They should never scrap it abeg.
    what is inside that small change they give corp members, it is not affecting the national treasure, at least from there some people get their only bite of national treasure before senators, governors and ministers would use it to buy private jets and bullet proof BMWs.

    1. @ameenaedrees i wrote this thing o (winks). It isnt a thing about the 18500, and when i talk of waste, not the money being siphoned but the talents and intellectuals whose time are being wasted rather than being posted to places they can add value to Nigeria rather than just being graduates while they add almost nothing to the economy.
      We shall not accept the appalling state of the economy as an excuse to promote creative objectives/agenda which has lost focus and has turned into a ritual where those at the top benefit and others just make the numbers. what is worth doing is worth doing well

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