Say something

Say something. Anything.
Come on, darling! Give me something.
A groan? A sob? A cry?
A sign, no matter how little.
Just anything will do.
A breathe? A pulse? An heartbeat?
Anything, anything at all.

Can you hear me, honey?
Please show you heard me.
Bat an eyelid? Tweak your nose?
Mouth words? Wear a smile?
Just something, dear.
Clench a fist? Wriggle your toes?
Something to say I still have you.

Wake up, love! Take something more.
Something more from me.
Steal a glimpse. Feel my touch.
If just the little things,
Like a smile. A kiss. A hug.
Let it be a reminder or
Something to make you stay.

Don’t just leave me hanging, sweetie.
Fight for us. Live for us.
Come back to me.
Hear me say I love you one more time.
Wait a while. Stay a lifetime.
Cherish our moments longer.
And our love growing stronger.


Silence lingers, all stood still.
Years have come and gone.
Though it seems like yesterday.
Cos I can still feel where it hurts
With living, being the hardest part.
Wake me! Make me believe,
That it was all but a dream.

8 thoughts on “Say something” by olamiotan (@olamiotan)

  1. awwww. beautiful poem

  2. I will Let the errors go and just say its a good poem.

    Take note of this sha ;A heart beat not An heartbeat.

  3. Interesting…. Is hard to loose the ones you love #sobs.
    Good. Job.

  4. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    Aww! Really sad. It’s really hard to lose someone you love.

  5. @rose, thanks for liking it.
    @thaprince, noted the corrections. My writing has been quite rusty of recent. Haven’t written anything new in two years now.
    @mariji and @roy-journals, yes it really is. Thanks.

  6. The poem is tragic…and I have the inexplicable love for tragedies…lol

    You did very well, though you need to work more. Perhaps, the reason for the errors and typos is as you have rightly said your ‘writers’ block’

    But apart from the above, your structuration is poor and needs to be worked on since it will help give the reader time and space to pause and ponder.
    In all, I think the poem is lively and seems like a real-time death scene…

    1. @chime221, thanks for the correction and guidance. Will work in that in my next piece.

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