Deep into the quiet night my eyes were wide open,

I could hear the silence so loud with words unspoken,

Straight stare, a gaze fixed on what’s to come,

as what I thought I had is that that is gone.

Alone… I thought of it, thought of what became of it,

“it”? yes “it” as so this was deemed, lifeless like bones in a crypt.

Sanctuary is above, but I remember what’s beneath and how it came to be.

My joy of certainty became dust of clarity as the rage she feels raised that that stood not.

My eyes were shut. I chose to be blind.

I won’t break I said, we won’t falter, our joy remains in what we’ll have after.

I bled… with eyes shut I bled… being struck with the essence of “beauty” as I remember a future we have ahead.

The confessions were mere words as the rage she brewed grew

and our solace was not in line with these words we spoke,

but in an assurance of worlds apart.

And I remain because “it” had life and “it” will survive…

as a memory of all we gave to conform our being.

We came to this because we chose to,

this sanctuary exist because we failed to.


One thought on “Sanctuary” by TioEnAi (@TioEnAi)

  1. I was thinking there’s going to be a sermon in the sanctuary…but it was aborted I think, so that procreation will take place.

    Good piece

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