Rumpy Pumpy

Rumpy Pumpy

Put your mouth there
and give it a suckle
while I gasp my dear
moaning with a chuckle.

Let me feel the breast knead
while his breath keeps my temple warm
put your tongue and touch my bead
make my nipples hard with harm.

Let me give thy shaft a lick
as he watches stroking his
let me hear you moan my name
as he prepares for my hole aim.

Work up an emotion that keeps me cumming
as it overwhelms and keep me gasping
let me scream baby ‘am coming’
while you groan and keep on bashing.

Curly toes and bruised lips
perky breast and vampire bites
cum drunk and gentle nips
raised higher into blinding sites.

Lets do the rumpy pumpy dance
filled with rhythm, filled with charge
make use of this little one chance
for we are now quite a match.

7 thoughts on “Rumpy Pumpy” by rosy (@Rosey)

  1. @Rosey, this good and raw…
    Believe me, I know the feeling.

    Nice write

  2. rosy (@Rosey)

    @ Chime: blushing. thanks

  3. obiink (@obiink)

    Rumpy Pumpy… hmmm
    love the title.
    nice work.
    will share this with my girl

  4. Lol @obiink share wetin? If I hear.
    Yea the poem is really raw, that’s the beauty of it. I have a lil complaint though…Most of the time the tenses bumped into each other, and stepped on each others’ toes. Lol. This isn’t your first piece so I guess maybe it was intentional.
    Still a master piece.
    Well done

  5. Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

    Well well rosey, though I dnt do raw buh it was a good one.

  6. @ROSEY. hmmmmm…really raw and sensual.

  7. rosy (@Rosey)

    Thanks everyone

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