Rain Drops


Again I heard the rain

“It is time to bless; bless those who bless me for my importance”


What is its blessing “Can it be said to be a curse?”

For it will rain so heavily

Flooding our streets and hurting our crops

Blowing away happiness and life from others

Why? If you say you bless us


“For it is not my intention to hurt, at the same time it is

Nature has a way of saying thanks and a way to be impolite

Many had to see their God and reverse had to take its share

Nature will give you what you deserve. I am never unfair, never!”


So you say that you are just

Why don’t you tell me the good you’ve achieved?


“I have eased many by giving them tickets to heaven

I have fed many by watering the crops and soil

I have aided the growth of fishes for consumption by man

I also give beauty and change to the weather

I have given some what they ask, not to be so hot

These and more I have done, believe me.”


So I have heard.

Can your good be weighed to be more than your wrongs?

Why must people you say you give tickets to heaven die in such a cruel manner?

Why must they be drowned in water as a result of rain?


“If I must let you know. There are no wrongs in what I do;

I only gave you the good I feel you consider good

For all I do is good because it is, was and will continue to be the right thing to do.

Sometimes, life is wicked and other times it isn’t. People must pay and people must be raised.

No time for much talk dear

Calm down and you will understand.”


I hope so.

I pray so.

One thought on “Rain Drops” by Amazing Dreams (@Pierre@7154)

  1. The plethora of styles you have used are wonderful, shows you thought through this poem. Nice one.

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