When would earth’s ribs collapse?
I’d laugh and drink my milk
From the sagging breast on its chest
Blank space reserved for my heart.
Enough please!
What would a dead man gain
With the world in his palm?
There’d be a whisper, a silent whisper,
Impatient silence, then a howling noise
Like many voices to steal the silence.
When would fire consume this earth?
I’d be busy chasing rats
And shadowless butterflies.
I’d walk about, arms in pocket,
Lost in silent slumber of mockery.
I’d wake up on the other side,
Leave my bed unkempt and stroll outside

14 thoughts on “Playing-Mantis” by Chime221 (@Chime221)

  1. Deep. Very deep.

    Though I was pondering this line.

    ‘When would fire consume this earth?’
    Were you talking about the end of days?

    1. I thought they said the world will be destroyed by fire and brimstone? Bible reader should clarify us, cos I don’t know. But I think that what the line implies… @thaprince

  2. This poem definitely does not give a f#ck, neither does the person who wrote it, apparently. For want of a better descriptive, this poem was very “breezy”, the non-chalnce and the innate rebellion are both very patent. Bravo @Chime221 , very nice one.

    1. @six you sure know to read in-between the lines…
      You have explains it all. @ufomaotebele may want to read your comment again to get the gist.
      Thanks my goodman.

  3. I’m so lost in each lines…. someone please explain or rather… Let’s just leave it the way it is.

    1. Sorry I misspelt your name in the other comment @ufuomaotebele
      I think the open is not hard to understand…

  4. #carefree…

    1. @Olarinoye54 thanks dear,
      And I think other words that come handy include ‘nihilism’ and ‘scepticism’

  5. When would earth’s ribs collapse?
    I’d laugh and drink my milk
    From the sagging breast on its chest
    favorite lines.

  6. Thank you @Rosey for coming around
    I’m glad you like it.

  7. @Chime221. This is so good but that guy in the poem should be me not you.

  8. @Danjuma , actually I belong to that Aristotalian school of thought that believe that there is a disparity between the author and the narrator. It’s that same line of thought that Roland Barthes has when he posited that the ‘Author Dies’ the moment the book is complete. It’s believed that the author is just a midwife that delivers the baby and cannot lay claim to the maternity of the baby. In other words, ‘that guy in the poem’ is not me. Lol.
    I’m glad you find the poem worthy of your read

  9. Love this so.

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