Of nightwalkers

Of nightwalkers

Most nights, the peace wont come.

They stay up late,

the demons in my head

chattering about important nothings.

My eyes plead, they don’t listen.

They talk loud, about me mostly

my day,that call i didn’t make,the gym,

the boy from 2 years ago, mother, father,..

Toss, turn, toss again

this dance they love.

The sheets will complain at dawn.

Some nights,they let sleep in

tonight is not one of them.

4 thoughts on “Of nightwalkers” by katiee (@katiee)

  1. It’s called insomnia…..get help from your doctor ASAP please.
    Lol, ok, I know it’s not you. I know this is make believe

    1. @chime221 but love, I am a medical doctor,trust me i know the symptoms

  2. Alright dear…
    Nice write.
    I can relate with the persona since I’m having that same ish for the past 8yrs now.
    But I know it’s not insomnia. Just that I’m a late sleeper

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