Music, A Tool For Two


Right from start, I had a strange feeling;

A mixed feeling on this thought, Music;

But it was not much clear to me.


Not until in the world, were attributes to music;

As it is a tool that pierces the heart of all;

And could be used by the truth and the cunning

Wow! What a line of study.


If death is needed, music will give one it;

If life is needed, music will strengthen your get of it;

As it is so powerful that one should not underestimate;

And also enticing that one cannot hate.


A key has been placed in our hands;

A key that can open the heart of men;

Allowing us to affect and influence, though to our own detriment.


For this key, two will stand side by side;

Asking for a good work;

Truth will bid you listen and work for him;

Cunning will tell you of the world’s things as gifts from him.


Greater is this music’s influence on us;

We are the key but could sell it out at a miserable price;

If we do not sit, think and plan.


Let us with our keys, work for good;

Lifting souls to glorious heights;

And taking ourselves to a glorious light

It all depends on us.


2 thoughts on “Music, A Tool For Two” by Amazing Dreams (@Pierre@7154)

  1. Nice piece. I have something on music too, yet to post it. Kindly read when I do.

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