Mixed Feelings II

Mixed Feelings II


My heart is broken in two;

Or more if you feel it too.

Thoughts mixed with reality;

Feelings mixed with confusion.



Yes! I have a friend;

Soon I became entangled;

Despite my desire for others;

Those who were not attended to;

This friend I refer to as “waves”

Waves will flow mild or harsh;

Will move slow or fast;

Will take everything or nothing;

And still make one love it.


I was with Waves for long;

Not knowing, not caring;

I seem to have forgotten its qualities;

Until it claimed my heart;

Now, I do not know;

To flee or to agree;

Or to be in-between if possible;

What will I do? I asked;

How will I treat Waves?

How will Waves treat me?



Since Waves is undeterminable;

Unpredictable and undeniable,

I have decided to stay in between;

Drawing sometimes to it for its life;

Fleeing far away from its death.


Waves I hope you understand.



6 thoughts on “Mixed Feelings II” by Amazing Dreams (@Pierre@7154)

  1. @pierre7154 are these true feelings or were just made up, I’m not asking for any particular reason, I’m just curious. Nice poem P-7154

  2. Meant to write “were *they* just made up”…my bad

  3. After the first verse? I was waiting to be driven into the second verse but there was a pause and it seemed as if the drive started all over and the excitement that I felt just evaporated.

    Is wave significant to something or is it the wave of the sea?

    You created an image but its correlation to the poem is giving me confused feelings just like your poem.

  4. Falling in love with a close friend can sure put you in a mess…
    I also love your use of division (your present state of mind,story and conclusion)+…
    Your sitting on the fence in the end? me love!
    Well done!

  5. Yes I do understand dear @pierre@7154

  6. Yes I do understand dear @pierre7154

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