I Tasted the Fruit

I Tasted the Fruit

She was a beauty
With the strength of Cleopatra
And the grace of Helen of troy
She could tempt the tempter

I was clothed with innocence
And ignorance was my belt
My innocence couldn’t save me
And my ignorance tried his best

Chained by the power of lust
And burning in the furnace of passion
I followed her to her nest like a zombie
And she introduce me to herself

It ended as soon as it started
But she have taken to heaven and back
I travelled in between life and death
Then I knew I have tasted the fruit.

6 thoughts on “I Tasted the Fruit” by obiink (@obiink)

  1. Nice. You should have edited this properly though…I did spot some typos and minute grammatical errors like ‘introduce’ which was supposed to be in past tense. Also, she HAVE taken…now that is wrong. HAS is the right word there. I love your creativity though…Good one.
    Keep writing

  2. Classic seduction story…

  3. loool… She has takenn your something.

  4. @praize;. thanks for the corrections. thanks for reading too
    @elovepoetry ; you can say that again.
    @gmoney; na you talk o

  5. Some hitches that are capable of distorting meaning and put ‘sand into garri’…lol
    Check these: ‘ignorance tried his best’…ignorance is not a noun, not to talk of being a male. ‘It’ should be better.
    Also, ‘she have taken’ as noted above. Coupled with that you should add ‘me’ just after the ‘taken’.

    In all, it was a nice read.

    1. thanks…. really appreciate

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