Honesty is Scary

Honesty is Scary

Aren’t you scared of honest writing ?

Exposing yourself with your own words

Letting the world invade your personal feelings

Being too honest with yourself

Doesn’t it hurt !

How do you do it ?

Self introspection is one thing

Letting the world see that person is another

Its scary

Its crippling

What happens when they don’t like what they see

How do you handle it ?

You can’t share those thoughts anymore

I would rather die

I’m still my best friend

I can’t stand me to hate me

I’d rather not share me

2 thoughts on “Honesty is Scary” by Temisan Agbajoh (@SenatorT)

  1. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    I have a friend who never let’s anybody read his works because of this.
    He keeps emphasizing that the world would never understand his works like he does.
    They would always create their own meanings, he would often say. And besides, who wants to bare his secrets open to the world?
    Nice write up…

  2. It’s scary indeed!
    Nice thoughts @senatort

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