A place of tears for many.

When you become a resident,

It matters not if you are wealthy

Whether in gold, money or property.


A place of nostalgia for some.

memories of friends ugly and handsome

In tales, a place where spirits hover

Whose bodies death presided over.


A place, to many, that depicts rest,

but in it are many that failed life’s test.

A place rich in reserves of humus earth

with talents and gifts reserved in us for hearth

On this strange voyage we are built to embark upon.


Wonderful and beautiful gifts.

Along with unsung songs,

Uninvented inventions,

Projects procrastinated,

And businesses that never started.

All this lay in state in graveyards

And cannot be taken not like grapes in vineyards

5 thoughts on “Graveyards” by OlOyE (@oloye)

  1. i place i will one day be a resident

  2. Nice piece…very true, no man can escape death, only probably rapture.

  3. Very thoughtful. And calls for sober reflection.

    Nice one @oloye

  4. Word bro, Word.


  5. @OLOYE. I like this, it just reminded me that death is the inevitable end of life.

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