Gone with The Wind

Gone with The Wind

As I stare into the dark
I see nothing but light
As tge candle flame dances
Fear invades my entity
And gives rise ro a sequence of events
That accelerates my thoughts and action
And in a moment of temporary illusion, I stumble
And my intending summit starts to crumble.
I wish that wasn’t today
I wish yesterday never gave birth to today.

The trees flamboyantly dance
And bask in the euphoria of their essence
Halleluyah they hail with so much swagger
That was today, yesterday keeps jabbing me and I begin to stagger.

I was in the air, yet I flew not, but I crash landed.
Cracks, my head occupies.
I toil and I keep on toiling.
But the more I toil, the more my toiling is spoiling.

I dream dreams, but ‘The Dream’ conspires not to fufill its dreams.
Because like a sprinter I keep on making false starts.

Why does it always go with the wind
From east to west
From west to east
My inability to decipher between indecisiveness and haste is now a disease
Embedded in the beast
That recides in the mist

I try not to be incorrigible
But I end up being the dent in the race
I getto the finish line, but I do not cross it
And when it seems I am close to the prize
Failure shouts encore! encore! encore!
Failure hails failure and shouts to the core.

I wage war against the storm
Like the Falcons I have lost form.
I am at the hoops but I don’t make the point
Shot made, it rebounds
It rebounds and at the buzzer my knees kiss the earth.
Tears find no voice.
It lacks so much strenght
Because of the sweet bitter truth.
At the end of it all, my voice just becomes a sigh.
And it refuses to ask why?

Like the swishing of the swing
I am ready to find my way.
I am ready to let it guide me
So that I’ll flow and find my path without help like a flood.
I’m ready to lay it all at His feet
I am ready, because right now everything is gone with the wind.

One thought on “Gone with The Wind” by Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

  1. Life is like that: ups and downs.
    But I like the optimism and hope exhibited by the persona, especially in the last stanza.

    You did it well again @thaprince . Nice one

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