Friday The 13th (4)

Jason saw a young girl, possibly a little younger than the ones he saw before, who wasn’t drinking, doing drugs, or having sex.

She simply eating a marshmallow, cooking hotdogs on the fire she had made.

Jason was shocked.

‘Why isn’t she drinking?

Why isn’t she doing drugs?

Why isn’t she having sex?’
“She’s a good girl, Honey.”

Jason flinched slightly when he heard his mother’s voice in his head unexpectedly.

‘She’s…a good girl?’
“Yes, Sweetie. She is a very good girl.

See? She isn’t drinking those bad drinks or having sex like those bad girls and boys over there.

She is an innocent, delicate girl.”

Jason stared at the girl intently.
Surely his mother must be lying.

No good people ever came to Camp Crystal Lake!

Jason watched as the girl picked up another marshmallow and tore off a piece.

Jason cocked his head to the side in wonder.

What was she doing? Jason then saw the girl flick the piece of marshmallow in the air before it proceeded to land on her nose.

Jason was shocked to hear her giggle harder at herself, ripping off another piece and placing it in her mouth this time.

Jason then noticed the countless pieces of marshmallow strewn around her.

How many times has she done this?
Seeing the pieces on the ground angered him though.

How dare she litter on his campsite! That alone made her a bad girl…didn’t it?

‘Mother, she is littering on our campsite! You were wrong! She is a bad girl!’

Jason gripped his machete tightly and was about to take a step when a sudden thundering in his ears shook him.

“Jason Voorhees, don’t you DARE say I was wrong! I am NEVER wrong! Look at the girl now!”

Jason looked back at the girl and his eye widened; the girl was actually picking up the pieces that she had dropped, and threw them into the fire.

He heard her giggle again.

“I hope the marshmallows don’t make the hotdogs taste sweet! That’d be nasty!”

She giggled harder, pulling the now slightly burnt hotdogs away from the fire and placing them on paper plates she found in the package next to her.

Jason was astonished.
Maybe Mother was right.

Maybe she WAS a good girl.
She didn’t look like a bad girl.

She wasn’t wearing clothing that was begging to be ripped off.

She wore a simple T-shirt and jeans, with a sweatshirt over it.

She didn’t have the same tone as a bad girl either.

She sounded like a bad girl, but her soft tone made up for it.

Jason didn’t know what to do.
He had never seen a good girl come to their campsite before.

‘Mother…what do I do with her? I can’t kill her.’

“You must take her home and protect her, Jason.

You must prevent her from being a bad girl.

Protect her innocence.”

Jason frowned to himself as he thought about what his Mother had just told him.

Protect her?
‘How can I protect her?’

“You will learn in time, Honey.
I’ll help you.

But for now, kill the other bad boys and girls.

Make them pay for tainting our home!”

Jason gripped his machete and looked over his shoulder at the group.

They had managed to crawl away from him and toward the smell of the hotdogs.

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5 thoughts on “Friday The 13th (4)” by Meshack Shaxee (@Jezcallmeshaxee)

  1. Hmmmmmm Jason guy just evolved out of nowhere…
    #interesting episode


  2. You’ve got a nice storyline @jezcallmeshaxee . The suspense is good too, buh I noticed a few ‘imperfections’ in your writing style that needs to be corrected. I just read this and the past episodes today, so I will be pointing to the general minor flaws I saw in them.

    First, you have to stop getting used to these words; “kind of” and “somewhat..” You tend to use them frequently. It doesn’t bode well if excessive, you would seem an indecisive writer tothe reader.
    Secondly. If you track back to episode 3 to read carefully, you would notice that you were using too many nouns instead of pronouns..’Destiny’ started many sentences when ‘she’ would have been a better alternative.
    I believe if you address these issues, you would be a very good writer.

    Well done.

  3. Thanks @praize I’d try my best

  4. This is better than the last. You are truly improving. Keep it up.

    You also need to seriously heed the points raised by @praize

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