Friday The 13th (3)

“I couldn’t do that!” Destiny said to herself as she unpacked more of her belongings.

“That would dirty the water…then all of the fish and animals drinking from it would get sick…

no, I couldn’t live with that!” Destiny grinned to herself as she gazed out at the lake.

Destiny always found it silly when she talked to herself, regardless of what it was she was talking about.

Destiny hummed softly to herself as she unpacked her last couple of belongings; a couple books and a stuffed dog.

Destiny smiled at the dog softly and stroked its matted fur, placing it on the bed.

As pathetic as it sounded, Destiny couldn’t sleep without the mass of fluff and fur by her side.

It was the first gift she had gotten from her parents when she was a baby, and ever since then, her parents would take her to the mall and let her get whatever she wanted.

Destiny knew that those gifts wouldn’t mean as much as the first gift they actually gave her.

Destiny looked outside.
It was getting darker already.

She knew that the foursome was probably on round three or four right now, so she decided to figure out what she should get to eat.

She stepped out of the cabin slowly, and started to look around in search for food.

She suddenly came upon a package near the entrance where the car was.

It was funny, because Destiny didn’t notice it when they arrived and she didn’t hear any cars go by.

She tore it open to see a bag of marshmallows, a few packages of ramen noodles, and a pack of hotdogs.

Destiny looked around hesitantly to see if anyone had been around here in case they dropped it.

Destiny assumed that it must have been from the people that gave her this trip, and she hauled it back to the middle of the camp.

Destiny started a fire in the center of the campsite and started to spear a few hotdogs with the forks she found from the package.

Destiny knew she would feel guilty if she didn’t make any food for the others, so she decided to make more just in case they came along.

Perhaps they would be nicer to her if she made them something to eat!

Destiny looked down and saw the bag of marshmallows.

Destiny had a big sweet tooth, and knew that those marshmallows wouldn’t stick around for long.

Destiny tore the bag open and fished a large, fluffy marshmallow out of the bag.

“Jason, darling…you have a little job for Mummy…”

‘Yes, I know…look at them…they make me fucking sick!’

“Yes…they’re bad, bad children, Jason.

You must make them pay!”
Jason grinned evilly to himself behind his mask, but it was soon replaced with a look of utter disgust when he saw one of the boys grab one of the girls’ chest and licked her neck.

The girl giggled and moaned, tipping against him while holding a bottle of beer in her manicured hand.

The other two were giggling and laughing, pushing each other until the other fell over.

It made him sick watching them. He would rather have bullets in his ears then listen to their drunken laughter.

Jason gripped his machete tightly, his knuckles turning white.

Oh, were they going to pay…
Jason hadn’t noticed the car pulling in when he walking through the forest, setting bear traps in random areas.

When he ventured out near the cabins, he had noticed a car pulled up in the entrance.

Almost immediately, Jason ran back to his own house deep in the woods for his machete.

This took him about five minutes before he returned.

That’s when he heard the giggling, and that’s when he decided when to kill them.

Tonight, before they even knew what hit them.

Jason’s good eye leered out to them from his safe spot in the woods.

He hoped glaring at them would send a few warning chills down their spines before they met their imminent doom.

None of them seem to notice it, however.

They were too busy fondling and clawing at each other’s clothing.

Jason growled in annoyance.
Was this really what all teenagers did nowadays?

His question was soon answered as he heard a softer, fainter giggle come from the middle of the campsite.

Jason rolled his eye.
He must have missed one.
This one must have been drinking on its own.

Jason crept slowly toward the campsite, staying hidden by the woods, only to see something he had never seen before in his life.

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