Exams killed Humanity

Exams killed Humanity

It is close to the time when seriousness is seen across board

Where every available space is replaced by books suffocating boredom

And every one judge on same platform

Though our devils take different form

It is that time to judge the fish and monkey

On their ability to fly like a bird with the intelligence of man

For not to succeed is labeled a failure

Then made to get through rituals and counseling for a cure

Oya make we yarn man to man for this man talk

Which exam fit test our different talent

Na wetin be the function of school –

Na to teach make the student memorise

Abi na to inspire make pikin fit imagine and think outside the box

If na to memorise, na how that one go take quench new improved wahala when we get

If na to help us imagine, which exam fit test am?

Does success in formal education guarantee success?

How many candles burnt to rehearse the past guarantees the future

How many first class students rule the economy?

Where is the first class to solve our problematic economy?

A world of much discoveries and advancement only few think

Men of great knowledge from being thought meet as nations sink

Oya result don show, oga teach don stamp am for wall

See as Papa Ochuko wan finish Ochuko with knocks because him don gbala

Na werrin make am believe say Ochuko no go make am for life

Na say because the boy cocoanut head no fit cram plenty

Oya time don reach to blame all them witchy o

Exam don destroy people destines and kill their beliefs

See men when for rule industries they waka street with pally

I ask for a restructure of the education system

Let’s move away from “a passing” generation to “an understanding/thinking” people

So much books, much more impact and nothing is changing

We write more policies and create greater plans but yet failing

For we have learnt a lot of the past

And today are held back to our past

A time to move to open the brains of all

A chance to let dream dreams and imagination given back to all

A chance to let us try all we were told NO to because it has never been done

A chance to get a YES to that idea that sounded unreasonable

We have seen metal fly, we have seen metal float

We have seen gravity defiled; we have seen connections without wires

The world has become a global village, distance turned to nothing

Let’s hear the dreams of the kid, the imagination of that child

If we say Let’s hear the dreams of the kid, the imagination of that child

If we say YES to the absurd, we might find a way for it to become the NORM

For whenever we say NO, the mind refuses to forge a way

Exams has killed humanity,

Limiting us only to known paths, for not to grow is to die

Even God dared to imagine and create

13 thoughts on “Exams killed Humanity” by Ogbole Samson (@ogbolesamson)

  1. Hahahaha
    True yan
    Searching questions
    Na who go come answer am? If u ask me, na who I go ask?

    1. @chime221 my oga, na question when we must continue dey throw until person get answer to give us

  2. I completely agree with you. Lovely poem. I especially enjoyed the way you flitted between Pidgin and Queen’s English.

  3. obiink (@obiink)

    i agree with you on this one…. thumbs up

    1. @obiink I twale boss, thanks Sir

  4. True. I have seen people reading just for exams only, nothing learnt.

    1. @elovepoetry you no need go far o, I remember say I studied french and German those days, I come even pass am but today I no remember nada; and today we dey put people future for hangman as dem dey forget things when suppose shape their future. Thanks for the read boss

  5. Nnedu. Gideon (@gmoney)

    Education has ended up sectionalising our brains. We have been trained to think along a particular pathway, else, we cant attempt to think. Love your analysis. Even God dared create out of imagination.

    1. @gmoney Yes sir, we are being trained not to think but to memorise. To replicate the past rather than create a future, we are made to live in the past in a futuristic society. Thanks for the read sir.

  6. majiri (@majiri)

    Wowww I like your writing… Keep it up

    1. @majiri Thanks Sir, I appreciate.

  7. albashir (@albashir)

    Nice work. Kip writing

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