Enter into Your Child’s World

The following poem by Dianna Neal, entitled, “No Time to Play,” emphasizes the need to be part of our children’s everyday life.


My precious boy with the golden hair

Came up one day beside my chair

And fell upon his bended knee

And said, “Oh, mommy, please play with me!”


I said, “Not now, go on and play;

I’ve got so much to do today.”

He smiled through tears in eyes so blue

When I said, “We’ll play when I get through.”


But the chores lasted all through the day

And I never find the time to play.

When supper was over and dishes were done,

I was much too tired for my little son.


I tucked him in and kissed his cheek

And watched my angel fall asleep.

As I tossed and turned upon my bed,

Those words kept ringing in my head,


“Not now, son, go on and play,

I’ve got so much to do today.”

I fell asleep and in a minute’s span,

My little boy is a full grown man.


No toys are there to clutter the floor;

No dirty fingerprints on the door;

No snacks to fix; no tears to dry;

The room just echo my lonely sigh.


And now I’ve got the time to play;

But my precious boy is gone away.

I woke myself with a pitiful scream

And realised it was just a dream


For across the room is his little bad,

Lay my curly-haired boy, the sleepyhead.

My work will wait ‘till another day

For now I must find some time to play.


Every child deserves the best possible start and the support to live out his potentials in life. Support for the children in early childhood will have a lasting impact on them when they grow older.


5 thoughts on “Enter into Your Child’s World” by Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

  1. this is a great poem and should be read aloud in every parent’s [esp. Nigerian ] ear

  2. Wow!
    This great! The early ages of children is the best time to show them love and parental care. It’s also time to teach them basic tenets of life.

    Nice one there @shovey

  3. I enjoyed reading this! I’m a mother of two and it can be really tough to deliberately take the time to play with them but I just try my best to make sure the smiles outweigh the screams. Lovely poem.
    That said, I think there’s a spelling error in stanza 8,line 1. Shouldn’t it be “… in his bed”?

  4. thanks for this lovely reminder that now is the time to play with your kids

  5. louis (@luwizdrizzy)

    Wow..this is a lovely piece.

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