My Enenonya

Like perfume engulfing its host

And colours of flowers scattered and splashed in beautiful patterns we behold

Like the sounds of birds, insects filling fields

Like valleys full with the overflowing rivers

She fills, engulfs, overwhelms, saturates and invigorates me


Her voice sends shrills of cold down my spine

Her touch sends me to the world beyond

The warmth of her embrace’s second to none

And the kisses of her lips so reassuring and redeeming

Yes! She’s my Enenonya


My heartbeat fills me with thoughts of her footsteps

The breeze’s caresses percolates me with the sight of her graceful strides

Her legs carefully carved like the palms of Malaysia

And arms so comforting like the Cottons of Abeokuta

I swear the groundnut pyramid of Kano no near my Enenonya’s height


Chai! Enenonya! My Enenonya!!! I no fit shout

Cos your love unfolds the untold and upholds the foretold

See I no need Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or modem cos your love na router

Na one dial connect to you, men and the one wey high most

Kai! Enenonya! Eneoche! I love you… That’s all!


Happy Birthday Wifey!!!

11 thoughts on “My Enenonya” by Barnabas Atungwu (@Barnabas)

  1. @barnabas , your message was genuine n I liked that, but your choice of words in some cases were kinda off for me. Like, ” the breeze caresses percolates me with the sight of her graceful strides”… that didn’t really make much sense to me. It could’ve been worded differently for better effect. Phrasing matters a lot. Lines have more impact when they’re succinct and to the point if you ask me, at least that’s the style I try to adapt. Besides all that tho, it was a good poem. Nice one Barnabas.

    1. @six(@six):Scribe – Thank you so much, points noted. Very grateful.

  2. Kool but the first verse was the only verse that did it for me along with some few lines within the poem. The other verses sounded cliche to me as if you ran out of what to say.

    Then the pigin language killed the poem finally. I know you are trying to put into it a diff style but it killed the flow and rythm.

    Like I would always say, “nobody know am pass”.

    Keep on writing bro.

    1. @thaprince Thanks a bunch. Corrections noted. Im really greatful.

    1. @blackgold Many thanks, Im grateful

  3. Hmmm! those words were sicere confessions, buh some expressions sound vague(unclear). Nice piece tho.@barnabas please may I know what Enenonya means? or is it her name?

    1. @shovey Thanks a lot. Your points are noted. “Enenonya” literally translated means “The best of womankind”. That’s what I call my wife.

  4. A blend of Queen’s English and Pidgin English. I think this is core Nigerian.
    However, I adopt all the observations by above commenters.
    Keep writing, keep improving @Barnabas
    And what’s the meaning of Enemonya? You should have told us.

    1. @chime221 Many thanks Chime, Im grateful, all points noted. “Enenonya” literally translated means “The best of womankind”.

  5. @all, Thank you so much for your time and comments, Im sorry for the late responses. Im very grateful and I assure I will improve.

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