This rabbit-hole of doleful musings
Warren filled with Regrets
Regrets, children of Poor Choice,
Grandchildren of Haste
Cousins to Failure .

How do I exit this maze?
Exit the labyrinth of despair
Need the button named Present.

Alas! Present is again with Haste
Haste has made the introduction to Poor Choice
We are again led to meet Failure, the cousin.

4 thoughts on “Despair” by jollyone (@jollyone)

  1. Hmmm! The persona finds himself in the same situation as Icarus and his father, Daedalus in the Greek mythology.
    May I suggest the making of waxed wings as the only to exit the labyrinthine maze?
    But here is the caveat emptor: do not fly too close to the sun!

    Nice one @Jollyone

  2. Thanks @Chime221. Waxed wings we shall craft.

  3. Carefully thought out. Very classy and sweetly paced. Trust me, this is very pleasing peotry- something that Alan Harris would write!

    1. Classy, eh? @cathreya, thanks. I can only hope to be as good as that someday.

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