Cries Of Mercy II


Ah! I feel pains, am I to die?

That is impossible, what have is done


Reflect, go back reflect

The devil has come again

Precious dear precious

What is it that brought this sorrow?


Weeks now have I been myself

Oh no pains I have been without Him

Disobedience to the law

Negligence of the call

Oh no I have wronged heaven

Please let mercy be shown me


Sinful have I been three days since

Fast and pray dear, your life is precious

That I didn’t do preferred to stay

While away time, joke all day

Now I am being thought the consequences of the world


Back to the present, please stay calm

Death can’t come, destiny must hold

More life ahead, more goals to achieve

Remain in me, ask for mercy


“Lord I beg and plea save me

Save me from the enemies’ hands

Lord I pray in faith, forgive me

So that I God will feel

Prevent and protect; long and steady

That I won’t die now, for anything I am ready

Lord I beg and plea save me

Save me from the enemies’ hands”


Unto me a new relief

That of life’s light, removed my grief

Tendering touch; everlasting power

Unto God, all I will give










One thought on “Cries Of Mercy II” by Amazing Dreams (@Pierre@7154)

  1. This is way not poetic!
    It’s not even organised, neither were the words well arranged and articulated.

    Sorry to be frank dear @pierre7154 , but this is not the typical you.
    You were just too carefree with this one… You need to up your game.

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