Coping Strategy

Coping Strategy

Some weakness be like hunger
So you stuff your face endlessly
Some of this, plenty of that
Eat it all and some more

It ain’t no hunger spinning you
You got the joy sipped out of you
Got you weak and worn
The specialness of life sapped

Indulge in the meats, rice and sugary drinks
Eat till you be satiated
Drink to stupor if you wish
Pass the early days in a haze

Away with you! Be gone, O pain!
Be gone that I may find joy again
Till then, satisfy the cravings
Eat and drink to jolly days!

2 thoughts on “Coping Strategy” by jollyone (@jollyone)

  1. I get the impression you’re not really referring to food?

    1. There’s a lot of eating involved actually. I’m trying to explore the curious way we use food as comfort in distressing periods.
      Thanks for reading @kilmahhart

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