Why bother?

when every time i hear from you

it’s disgust and filth,

Hell’s pit erupts as you open your mouth,

a fragrance of deceit as you pat my back,

and i feel the grin as you again leave a mark.

Not over?

cause each time I look at you,

I feel there’s still work to do,

a stitch here might break there,

eventually something will hold together.

Yes together,

You might not see it yet but i know it’s there,

that hope that drives me to remain here,

though it barely burns cause you live in fear,

but it’s alright, you can try again, here’s my hand.




2 thoughts on “Caged” by TioEnAi (@TioEnAi)

  1. I think it’s more of love than hope that’s holding you back and making you want to give a second chance.
    Nice write

  2. Nice piece. I love it.

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