A Good Noise

A Good Noise

The noise began then, when the whistle blower was deeply buried in the sensation of a valley between two hills. The scrotum like a dam, due to excitation, released the next generation of noise makers. I am not very certain with the scientific arithmetic but I am quite sure, one out of millions noise makers survived within the valley before emerging fully with a combative physiological pattern. Well, I have created a sort of distraction in your mind here but if you look deeply, bending towards your creative mind and weird imaginations, you will soon concur that you are one of the noise makers born on earth, distracted by a million and two things.

While we were yet forming primatial shape in the womb, we were faced with series of battles within to come out alive so that our parents can be happy. A new baby’s cry most times is a wonderful noise. No matter intense the pain is to the mother, the baby’s cry is always the eraser that magically wipes out every pain written on the face.

Although we have come to an understanding that every noise is bad, nope, not all noise is bad and in fact, most is good for everyday life. You might have accepted noise to be the release of fart in the midst of tensed argument; it is one example to tell you how noble noise is from the anus to douse the intense flame about to consume a building due to heated argument. Here, the noise is the peacemaker and blessed is the peacemaker!

You can also find noise to be a pusher in everyday life too. It is the very attractive emotion that allows a boy becomes a man through persuasive spirit to win a lady’s heart. It is the feeling of responsibility that sets in when your fellow noise makers find brides to be and you are hopping like grasshopper from one wedding ceremony to another, dancing all your life till the countdown drops to you alone. At first, the noise gradually stems from a lady you get so close with and your mind keeps troubling you as if you are in the midst of an ambush. Then family and friends start questioning you about your singleness and a decision to make fifty-fifty or have a lady. At a point in your life you will consider all they have said, weighing them heavily without a scale in your head or a balance in your heart till you come to conclusion in your soul that money is not everything and you will never find solace in the arms of awards and achievements. The noise becomes so loud in your solitude and like someone bewitched you set for the hunt amongst the daughters of Eve.

I think I have made it a little clear that noise is for our benefits often when we critically analyze the situation at hand. The job market is the creative noise that drives a third class graduate to become an entrepreneur employing the best brains. It is this same noise that comes as a spell upon those we have rated genius but have turned this noise into machines, money, manpower and markets. Think about the noise that makes you run, shiver, shrink, crazy or scared, they are not actually bad- the unemployment, the bad governance, the challenges and failures, poor background, the offensive family members, the friends that ridiculed you. Indeed they can only become bad noise when you allow it settle without sieving out the benefits. I end by saying: do not doubt those who think you would not make it in life until you have proven them wrong by building a name out of the noise.

6 thoughts on “A Good Noise” by lawore olufemi (@laworemike)

  1. Yea… good write. Just as noise comes alive, it also dies. But what about the good noise that ends up becoming bad noise.

    1. @gmoney…thanks for your comment but i will quickly want u to know that noise can be negative or positive which depends on what you make of it…

      if you read again you will understand better what I wrote.

  2. Very creative. Noise can be deafening at times.

    1. @shovey…thank you

  3. I’m a noise then…..!

    Great write and creative too

    1. @chime221…thank you for comment.

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