3 A.m. In Paradise…

The night was young, the wine was old
Incense and cherry-scented candles chased the scent
of cigarettes past the horizon
We tried to follow, but couldn’t keep up
So we took pictures instead
And left memories
At the bottom of our wine glasses
We tried to get lit, but ran out of high
So we ran into a nearby shop
And took some vintage bottles
Without pay
‘Cuz we were saving the money for the ride
To pay attention to every detail our eyes could afford
And see how much we could make,
Of the night
Life is short, death is six feet…
Blanketed by the constellation sheets,
we sped down the highway
Watching trees and opportunities pass by
Pedestrians stood under streetlights
We found ourselves under the influence
I popped the sunroof and floored the gas
I beat a red light as we approached a compromise
But crashed into a sentiment
And grazed your lips,
We kissed
I could taste your blood
GOD made the world, we made love

I threw in an extra poem just for the heck of it. I’m out of ideas, so it doesn’t have a title, but suggestions are welcome

Locked in silence,

Set free by a piano Key,

The sound of sweet sorrow,

The kiss of death, foreplay,

On a bed of roses

A nuance of eternal rest

I think I saw storm clouds,

Over the rosy west,

Our days in the east

When flowers made for good apologies,

And, Fall never faded,

Like denim memories,

I still hear the echoes from the conversations we had

with love and all its enemies,

I miss you,

But I’d never admit it


Loneliness has never felt better

You’d be left in the company of this love letter

P.S. …

22 thoughts on “3 A.m. In Paradise…” by six (@six)

  1. I’m gonna take a break after this one, going off to school.

  2. Really wonderful piece @SIX. You are running off to school when I am just running away from school. Are we on an ‘exchange race’ or something? lol.

  3. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    This is really nice @six
    I dunno how you do it but you have an amazing way with words.

  4. (@six): That shud not stop you from flowing with your pen.
    Lay down more write ups like a hen.
    Cos wat shall it profit a poet to gain that certificate and then lose his flow.
    To school you shud go.
    But there’s something that you shud know.
    It takes a gift like this for you to blow.
    Not like a bomb,but climbing on stage and doing your own show.
    What am saying keep the fire burning.
    Cos for your flows someone out there is yearning.

    Its all good bro. Gona miss ya absence.

  5. “Locked in Silence” is the title you are looking for.

    As for the first poem, I’ll say that the characters are caught in youthful exuberance and juvenile misdemeanours.
    Very good poem with lots of catchy words.

    Now, the main issue: going away to school? Haba! Who does that these days? As in, go to school without his/her phones? Are you in boarding school?
    Ooh ooh I get it now, you don’t want to be interrupted in your studies? C’mon mehn! You can do better than that.
    The thing is, I don’t wanna miss you, so please don’t do this to me @six . Don’t go away ejoor.

  6. @stanfuto , thanks man, lol, so it seems. My professors are crazy, they don’t take sh#t when it comes to punctuality and attendance. They ain’t playin’.

    1. Have fun chasing the paper @SIX. But don’t let the fountain of your ink stop flowing.

  7. @Roy-journals , sire, I’m flattered. What can I say? Make I dey try na, abi. Na una we dey look up to. Nice one man

  8. Lol, @thaprince , I dig that little dit you did there. I appreciate man, but it’s not like I’m gonna be gone till whenever, I’ll drop by every now n’ then. Good looking out.

  9. @Chime221, lmao, if you knew the kind of profs I had you wouldn’t be talking like this. These medical doctors, they no get joy. You don’t know what it’s like. I can be with my phone for an entire week and not log into any site at all either cuz of a test I have to read for, or a practical I have to prep for, or a report I have to write, or one stupid thing like that. Pity me abeg, lol, e no easy, but we still dey here. Thanks again man. Salute.

  10. Thanks @elovepoetry , you’re solid.

  11. What was the extra poem doing there???

    You had me with the first piece… I could just imagine 2 carefree teens who wanted to live that moment like it was their last… I was smiling so hard…. something like this, I would write and do…. so beautiful how I pictured it in my head.. :-) Six does school take way your laptop?

  12. Lmao @ufuomaotebele , the first piece did it for you aye? It’s all good. Y’know funny enough, I can be with all my devices and yet still not be able to use them. Formal education’s got me in a choke-hold, it’s not easy. I’ll try to squeeze in an online session or two, but things could go either way. Sisi Eko, thanks for stopping by.

  13. Full of feeling. Full of feeling.

    Staying with someone… scary and at the same time comforting… Time you’re with ’em extends infintely, slowmotion like, yet goes so rapidly and you never want it to end… believe its the only place you ever want to be… Been there.

    @ second poem: love the symbolism with being “locked” and getting set free by the piano “key” vis-a-vis silence and the piano tune to be got by pressing any of said keys.
    As per title, I guess i’ll go with “Unspoken Memories”

    Indeed, @six , on occasion a person has to interrupt their learning in order to go to school. :)

    Same here with the popping in once in a while thingy. Things sure have a funny way of taking up all of one’s time, don’t they. Sabbath days for me are getting more and more scarce, lol. But we’ll do our best. You’ll be missed.

  14. Nice one! I love the simple flow and the echoes of the lines.

  15. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @six, dope! skunk dope! G-spot hitting. Tuale!

    Yeah, it’s 3 a.m. in paradise
    paradise, baby, paradise -you heard!
    and we didn’t use no maps getting here…
    fumbling through guilt-soaked bed sheets and love-shaped tusslings got us here. Gbam!
    at 3 a.m., we hit paradise. break of dawn
    yeah, that’s what we do in paradise. break things
    break dawn. break down
    break hearts. break promises.
    maybe even break bread with resident snakes
    or is it apples we break with them?
    We break up. everything.
    and that’ll just be the beginning…
    Afterall, it’s only 3 a.m. in paradise!

    lol. just messing around. Really good poems here, tho

  16. 3 a.m in paradise is dope

  17. @omoniyi-adeshola and @philtrum , thanks guys…I’ve been really busy of late, starting to turn into a more passive member

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