Silence From A Dead Heart


How is it that I didn’t see this?

In due time that I may overcome- avert

This illusion of strength brought forth by weakness


A thread so long that it could span for 105 days

“When into it, you walk through like a blind faithless dog”

And yet so thin it could break in a flash

Only when the light of sight has taken its course


Well on pretty damsel, my worst distraction


Have you been asked what life meant to you?

Did you say it is for you and you alone to be happy?

Have you been told about the faith of truth?

Did you remark that a little lie is always necessary?

Should I then keep my trust in you?


It is I who has faulted in several ways

The one whom sorry have suffered a bleeding from stress and overuse

It is I who have reconciled with “Tablet’s “words

Hoping that cruelty will not be dished out to me


Wow! It is fun isn’t it?


Recall the transparency text on a night you should recall

When my chest was split open for you to see and believe

Have a feel of the truth in me; see my intentions

May be you thought I was unsmart.

May be you thought I was a fool,

A coward or a child

Or maybe you thought I was all

Well could never have known, you never gave a feedback


Recall also another transparency text, a day of less humour, I pray please recall

I ran a three year event of my seasonly encounters quite spinning with seasonly Golds

I told you my intentions for all which was pure but never came through

I hoped to see a part of you, you didn’t let me see

That of transparency and truth


I ask and please tell me

Did I make a mistake to believe in you?

Is your care for me genuine?

Should I withdraw or should I stay?

Am I at the edge of a high mountain?

Or you know what, don’t answer it


Thanks for your time, space, pleasures and ties.

Thanks for the inspiration and over-protectiveness

Thanks for the hidden context of true spirit

Thanks for everything


May I remark the following, if you please

A guy whose words are turn in two separate parts, is no doubt confused

A guy whose attitudes cannot be read through, is certainly in the hide of something

But one whose pourings are written with careful whispers of untold silence, is of no use to the world of lies.


Recall all previous events


Should I say I have woken up?

Or should I say I have been a fool?

Have I the right now to ask for forgiveness and if so from whom?

Am I to blame myself or the other?

I guess help is needed here


But if you ask me, really, really ask me

I wish I never knew you

Good bye my beautiful







5 thoughts on “Silence From A Dead Heart” by Amazing Dreams (@Pierre@7154)

  1. World of transparency no more
    We are all hiding something
    And yep, I wish I never knew you too

    1. Well, transparency it is

  2. A part if my heart
    Drops for this one
    Annd I hope for mu heart
    To know a new one

    1. thanks for reading, I am grateful.

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