Sandy- The Revelation

This short series attempts to capture a rather naive young man’s relationship journey.
Episode 1.
We are sitting together on the couch in my house holding hands and watching tv. I am half awake, half dozing.
“I want to ask you a question,” Sandy says, looking a bit embarrassed as she lets go of my hand. “I don’t know how you will take it.”
“I can handle anything,” I tell her.
“Go on, ask me,” I urge her.
“What do you think about sex in a relationship?” she asks me. She seems shy.
I pause and wonder why she’s asking the question. I know girls may be a bit apprehensive about what a guy’s intentions are, especially since most guys nowadays just want to have their fun and go on testing the waters.
“I don’t believe in sex before marriage,” I say finally. “I think that it is a sin. I believe that it is not because I am righteous that I have been able to keep myself, it has been by God’s grace and I don’t judge anyone.”
She gets quiet and pensive. She looks hurt, no, scared.
“Do you mean you have never had sex?” she asks.
“Yes.” She starts to cry. I am shocked.
“I am not a virgin,” she says. “Would you still want to be with me?”
I am double shocked. I have never considered my preferences in sexual experience of a prospective mate. Here, right now, the question is being thrown at me. We started seeing each other not long ago and I had promised to always be by her side. This seems to be a test of that resolve.
“Don’t worry, I will always be with you.”
I am hurt. My eyes sting me. I could burst into tears now. What have I been keeping myself for all these years? Why have I been avoiding self-gratification if the first woman who I would go into relationship with had been giving herself out freely?
Should I just ignore what she has told me? After all, I’m not perfect myself. How do I move on from this?

By Victoria Ozidu and Victor Moody.


14 thoughts on “Sandy- The Revelation” by vickyoziwrites (@Vickyoziwrites)

  1. Adenyke (@And-romeda16@NS.)

    hmmm, a food for thought…. if the guy is seriously asking that question, then I question is reason for remaining chaste all those years

  2. Adenyke (@And-romeda16@NS.)

    hmmm, a food for thought…. if the guy is seriously asking that question, then I question is reason for been chaste all those years

  3. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    I like the way this was written using the present tense. It’s a little difficult to nail that but I think you did a good job at it.

    Nice storyline, but honestly, what was he thinking? How many virgins get married to virgins these days? Someone has to know how to do ‘it’. One person has to teach the other.

  4. This is nice…but for me, it looks too short..

  5. No, no, she didn’t say she gave her self out freely and neither was she paid.

    First episode was rushed and short. I didn’t really get anything out of this first episode. Doesn’t even read like a series. Its almost like those daily devotion stuff to keep you thinking for the day.

    Any, I’ll like to see what you have next.

    1. I agree with @ufuomaotebele. The piece leaves you yearning: there is no end to it yet there is nothing to suggest a sequel.

  6. So im not sure why anyone should complain about this being short. It was categorized under ‘FLASH’ but i guess no one even checks that part, we just jump in for another adventurous read….oh well!!
    @VICKYOZIWRITES, i must commend your writing style. Asides writing in the now, you presented a :Grammar error-less’ and that’s something I’ve missed in a long time on NS. Well done, you drove the point home well and if anything comes after this, i only hope it gets better. (Y)

    1. Whether it is FLASH or not, you should either conclude the plot in those 750 words, or lead us up to the next episode. FLASH doesn’t mean you should stop typing when you hit 750, if it takes more than that to complete your work, then you don’t have to call it FLASH.

  7. I am grateful for all the comments. All the points raised are noted.

  8. Nice story, @vickyoziwrites
    Hehehehehe @roy-journals, “one person has to teach the other ” so that one blind will not lead another blind, “winks”

  9. Nice story, @vickyoziwrites
    Hehehehehe @roy-journals, “one person has to teach the other ” so that one blind will not lead another blind, **winks**

  10. I dont believe it ends here. Yerh it was indicated as a flash but the writer as well started with *episode 1. Isnt that a contradiction?

  11. tag me in the comments when you drop the next one @vickyoziwrites

  12. I think it’s a thoughtful piece on personal morale we are meant to ponder then draw our own assumptions no? Anyway I think the main character is somewhat of an idiot to just assume Sandy was a virgin when he began the relationship. He should have simply enquired if it was that important to him

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