My Prayer

Jesus am down here right on my knees in your holy sanctuary
To speeak to you through my prayers cos I don’t
want to be stationary.
I ain’t a mercenary who has the love for money,
But Am here to pray for my foes and the devil’s
Am like Hannah who went to Shiloh
To pray without laying on a pillow.
Her prayers weighed more than a kilo.
And samuel became her hero.
Am here like Hannah with a heart that is heavy with so much burden.
I don’t know how it came,but it came so very
But still am here with a contrite heart,my words I
ain’t gonna chew,
Am going to say it out as clear as the morning dew.
Please forgive me my sins and my iniquity,
Disregard how big or small and its propensity,
Your vicinity is where I wanna be cos of its
Give me a change of heart and also a new identity,
Lord help me not to speak profanity and wish for
Cos vanity upon vanity will always yield vanity.
I pray my goals and aspirations you help to
And not for my visions and dreams to begin to
Though the hard times is kinda giving me a great
Your strenght is all I need so I can challenge them
blow for blow.
Lord I know I’ve been asking for so many
wishes,like riches,
But all those riches have come with so many
Lord help me seek first your kingdom,
That will come in the next millenieum,
Cos the reality of it is left to my own wisdom.
Lord the enemy never stop strategizes with his
Guide me from all his vices,
And all those spiritual crisis.
Cos I get scared sometimes I don’t know what will
happen tommorow,
I pray is not something bad that will bring me so
much sorrow.
Jesus,I know I have friends who might not stay,
I want friends who’ll stay come what may,
A friend in you who’ll make my life turn blue,
Am waiting for the day to lay my eyes on you and
be more like you.
Lord, I want to go more higher like you,
And shine more brighter like you,
I want to be more greater like you,
Am on my knees now speaking to you,
Cos right now, this my prayer at quarter past two.

10 thoughts on “My Prayer” by Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

  1. so much a\of a prayer there, but I think you could improve more on your punctuations and plurals
    well done next time. remain blessed.

  2. Thanks for reading.

    I went through it again and the punctuations seems okay to me.

    Maybe there’s something that I am not seeing Would like you to point it out for me.

    Stay blessed bro.

  3. nice one bro, but mind the use of ‘am’ in place of I’m

  4. I was enjoying it then I got to the “I ain’t a missionary…” I ain’t always messes up my head, its a big throw off. “I am not or I’m not could have been the easier option”

    Also the “I ain’t gonna” didn’t read well with me. Maybe its just me.

    This a prayer I wish to pray everyday. Great piece.

  5. (@ufuomaotebele): Like you said, its just you. Last time I checked, ‘I ain’t’, is a contraction of, ‘I am not’.

    Well the fact is that,the poem is a spoken word poem. RAP to be precise (Rapid Accentuated Poetry).

    I rap and the use of contraction is needed for flow and rythm sake.

    I guess most times I will be mindful of my audience when putting it in writing.

    Gratitude for reading. I appreciate your comment.

    1. Oh so you see, I.didn’t know that this was a rap or that you rap… great thing to keep in mind then when next I’m reading your work.

  6. (@ufuomaotebele): Great. If you notice my other poems, I dnt use much contractions.

  7. nice rhythm and beautiful prayer . I didt get this line:
    ‘friend in you who’ll make my life turn blue’ i believe ‘blue’ means ‘melancholy, sadness…’ so why will a friend in HIM(Jesus) make youe life turn blue? and why will you need such friends?

  8. Nah. I meant it in a different way. Not blue as in the metaphorical meaning, but blue as in happiness and love.

  9. @thaprince I’m feeling this only correction from me is that the word is emaciate not emanciate

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