The People’s Hope


He was just a drop of water in the ocean.
But he caused ripples that spread out,
Circle after circle after circle.

From the little help he rendered the old;
The things he taught -the way of peace.
The ripple spread, circle after circle after circle;
The circle got bigger and wider.

He filled a hole in our hearts,
A yawning emptiness, our longing for something that’s missing.
Slowing and gradually, like an incoming tide,
Hope crept like water into the water-starved lands that were our hearts.

We began to see the life in our deaths,
For he gave death life with his gesticulations.
We saw freshness in rottenness,
For the peace of which he spoke sprang from violence.

In the cage of our doldrum existence
We sang freedom, for it was felt where ever he went.
He spoke of freedom from oppression,
Oppression we get from ourselves.

Gradually, this ripple became a wave,
This wave a storm, till he was noticed.

He was our hope, the people’s hope;
A mustard seed planted on the fecund soil of expectation;
The rain in the drought, the calm in the tempest.
We were ready to pull at the pillars of the world for him.

But he left without a word, without us knowing.
Our hope came crashing down like a pack of cards.
It became an echo: fainter and fainter and fainter,
Till hope became a name, a name we wrapped our minds insanely about.

9 thoughts on “The People’s Hope” by musite (@musite)

  1. This will be forever new; forever touching; forever mind-wowing. Beauteous poetry, bro mine @musite. Edge on.


  2. HOPE! the force that keeps one going.

  3. @litera-wise, *bows*
    @shove, yes indeed, hope. Thank you for your time.

  4. Sorry you may think me insane
    but I got the feeling that you were motivated by something political
    slightly a joke though, Nice poetry

  5. @MUSITE. Excellent piece. I like the way you started the poem on a good note but ended on a sad one. Well done.

  6. Amazing dreams, thanks for reading.
    scribe, @danjuma, glad you think so. Thank you for your time.

  7. The great imagery (I think its called imagery) from.the first stanza is what made me read even further….

    I enjoyed this.

  8. Head wordsmith, @ufuomaotebele , I’m glad you read further. Thanks for gracing the post.

  9. ….hmm..somehow tragedic
    Bt nice piece though.

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