We all Love Corruption

I am amazed how we as Nigerians criticise the government and individuals who are perceived to be ‘Corrupt’. We enjoy it, we love to express our frustration.
We need to speak our minds coming after over 50 years of oppression (excluding the colonial masters). All the way from the independence till now we have been suppressed depressed and oppressed. We have only one weapon to fight with which is our tongue so we use it to the best of our ability.
I use we in this context because we have all fallen into this ‘pit’ of collective criticism of any one in power.   The truth is we as Nigerians all love corruption and that’s a bitter pill to swallow. We say we hate corruption but the truth is that we really love corruption we only hate the fact that we not benefitting from the corrupt system.

If a celebrated ‘poli-thief-ian’ gives me a bountiful package do you expect me to start insulting him or act like Peter the Apostle and say ‘YOUR MONEY PERISH WITH YOU!’
It’s hard to oppose the very one you eat off. As long as we benefit we keep quiet. Our tongues can change as long as our pockets and bellies is satisfied.
Ever wondered what would make highly educated individuals nod like agama lizard to the speech of a confused leader is trying to explain an unexplainable  event like how incompetent his government has been. That’s why we see churches preach men not God because most times money has blinded the leaders. That’s a topic for another time whether God called those men or those men called God.

A Nigerian techie once said ‘We have blurred views when we support someone wholeheartedly.’
This has caused us as a Nation to care less about other tribes because of our blurred views resulting in no empathy that’s why we hear 50 people killed in Yobe and it doesn’t move us.
Words that come out Nigerians mouth when they hear such news is ‘they are killing themselves, wetin concern me.’
If certain individuals make demands by protesting it would be seen as paid by the ‘opposition’ e.g. Chibok Girls Kidnapping. Some would argue the people that lead the protest are well to do and have money so they are just building their popularity.
A guy called ibe said ‘if soyinka and I are shot at a protest which would cause more impact?
My blood is not valuable all I might get is #ibegone for a maximum of two days on twitter and I am forgotten forever. The real people that protest are people that are well to do.’ Sad but true.
Can the individuals who are claim to be activists on social mediums leave their phones and go to protest on the street? Its beyond hash tags and making things trend.

A friend of mine watched Selma and said we should also march for our rights. I believe it is essential we make a move but what is the price of a Nigerians blood? We protest and a representative of the  meets with the government and the next thing our guy begins to change mouth because he has been ‘reoriented’
Our fear of death is more than death itself why it would almost be impossible to get us to march for our ‘freedom’
There are few Nigerians who won’t subscribe to this hypothesis and I hope that is what it is ‘A hypothesis’. It would be scary if we are all corrupt and that would make the state of the nation hopeless. However, despite the Hopeless state we must hope. A hope for a Nigeria where we can show our passport with pride at any airport. Where we see investors come to the country because it is one of the most sincere nations in the world to do business.
We have to be proactive rather being reactive until then we are not ready for REAL CHANGE. Nigeria would continually  be in this mess and the generation to come might spit on our grave.
Till then we have to look at the problem in the eye and tackle it square on without being affected by it.
The question is what is corruption? is it just stealing money?  If you don’t fully understand the problem you claiming to be the deliverer might need to be delivered because you can’t fight an enemy you don’t understand.



5 thoughts on “We all Love Corruption” by Concerned Nigerian (@ConcernedNigerian)

  1. Bro @concernednigerian I think thats a fallacy of hasty generalization, I wont say more than this.

  2. @CONCERNEDNIGERIAN. True talk, one thing about nigerians is that most times we only shout corruption when we are not beneficiaries, we even praise and worship corrupt leaders as long as we get a taste of their corrupt loot. All this change we are shouting will never come until we as individual nigerians change ourselves first.

  3. @concernednigerian I think @shovey has a point on fallacy of hasty generalization but then sometimes you just have to generalize to bring more attention to some issues like corruption especially when it has become so endemic and atleast 80% of the population engage in it in one way or another.

  4. Truth, often, too often I’ve heard someone say oh if I could marry a Senator or if I could become a senator I would be set for life… what is that saying? Its testifying to the fact that one would be very likely to partake in the same behavior of the despised politicians or turn a blind eye to it. I can NOT lie there are days where I wish my dad had become a senator purely cause I know my life would have been more comfortable and unfortunately that speaks negatively to my character. But says alot about my human nature @CONCERNEDNIGERIAN

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