It’s a fact that I’m scared of dying, but then I have
huge amounts of morbidity filled inside me.
I fear height, but then it’s always been a dream to
fly, fly so high that I get lost amidst eternity.
It is also true that I fear accidents, but then I cant
escape top speeds when I’m behind the wheel.
I’m scared of losing, but then I take pride in being
an athlete.
I am frightened by darkness, but then that’s where I find peace.
I’m afraid of bullets but I would love to keep a gun.
I hate disorder, but I’m a fan of chaos.
I fear breaking rules, but then I preach anarchy.
I love to lead, but I fear that I might disappoint.
All of these are inhibitions which often consume
our minds.
And at times we do just about anything to get rid of them.
But there’s only one way to escape the chase
They will fade, the day we stop running from them.

5 thoughts on “Inhibitions” by cojones (@dekaiser)

  1. my inhibition is
    I am frightened of darkness but then that’s where I find peace
    peace for writing, peace for praying
    peace for dancing, peace for playing

  2. Thanks for stopping by@Amazing. Me appreciate.

  3. True that Cojones. #preach

  4. like your style. Mucho thanks Papi.

  5. I like the style of this poem. Well done

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