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“You fucking bastard!” Lee boo yelled jolting up from his seat just as soon as the music in the bar rolled to an end and I shrunk. Oh my God! What have I done?”

“You coward!” Lee boo continued his gaze fixed on Odion. Sharon got up from her seat and then began to snigger.

“You didn’t tell her. Did you?” Lee boo asked again. His eyes blazing red and I realized then that I had been holding my breath. Tell me? What are these people talking about? I thought as my face began to scowl.

“Tell her what?’ Odion asked rising to his feet to stand face to face with Lee boo. Oh no! This isn’t happening, what have I done? I began to panic again.

“Oh wow! This just keeps getting better and better” Sharon said as she continued laughing. “What the bloody hell are you talking about Henry?” She asked looking at both Odion and Henry like wayward children.

“So none of you told her right? Alright I’ll tell her myself” Henry decided suddenly. He turned to me and then said “Sweetheart, I’m sorry all of this is happening but you see these two idiots here, they lied to you. The night of Sharon’s birthday that they claim to have met” Henry continued rolling his eyes at the last sentence “That was the night I caught them in bed.

“What?!” I exclaimed confused “But…but when I asked you why things ended with you and Sharon you said she slept with some guy” I lamented suddenly disappointed that Henry could keep such a secret from me.

“Yes. That was because I didn’t want you to be hurt. You were still with Odion at the time. I didn’t want to be the one to break you guys up. I thought he would man up and tell you but obviously he didn’t.” Henry explained turning to face Odion.

“And your reasons are any better than ours? What makes your reason more justifiable than ours?” Odion asked spitefully.

“I don’t understand” I continued still puzzled.

“We are liars” Sharon interjected “Hurray! Do you understand now?”

“And you wanted us to be friends?” I continued ignoring her as I turned suddenly at Odion. “To think I was willing to forgive you for everything that you did… for breaking us up to be with her and you couldn’t even tell me why?”

“No, that wasn’t it” Odion pleaded taking a quick glance at Sharon who suddenly turned around and picked up her bag.

“I’m leaving” She announced taking a step towards the exit door of the bar but Henry jumped in front of her. “You aren’t going anywhere darling. Not till all these rubbish is sorted out. There is obviously something you aren’t telling us”

“What is it?” I yelled totally frustrated as my glance continued to rest on Odion. I still couldn’t believe it “…all I wanted was that we all become friends again and then I learn that you were sleeping with my best friend behind my back? Behind his back?” I pointed at Henry whose eyes seem to be glued on Sharon, malice written all over his face. “And to think I was ready to give you Sharon, a benefit of the doubt?”

“No, no, Ij. It’s really not like that” Odion began to beg.

“Me? a benefit of the doubt? Are you kidding me?” Sharon interjected laughing as she walked back to our seat and then swept her eyes all over me. There was something about her stare, I thought swallowing nothing. The look in her eyes weren’t that of spite…it was something else….

“Sharon, please just tell her” Odion pleaded and I turned to him and then back to Sharon. “Tell me what now?”

“No!” Sharon replied and began to walk out but again, Henry stood between her and the door.

“What? Tell me what?” I called after her.

“Abeg o wetin they happen for here?” a sturdy looking fellow with a waiter apron on his neck asked walking towards us from the cash counter but we all ignored him.

“Please Sharon. Enough with the lies” Odion pleaded again.

Sighing ruthlessly as she swept her gaze over Henry, Sharon stood rooted at the door and crossed her arms unwilling to budge.

“Well if you are not going to tell, I will” Odion continued turning his gaze from Sharon to me.

“Q…Sharon is gay. You are the one she is in love with” Odion announced and I stood dumbfounded.

“But… But…..” was all I could say. From the corner of my eyes, I could see that Henry’s jaw had fallen too.

“I don’t get” I complained looking from face to face.

“The only reason Sharon slept with me was because she wanted to be sure” Odion explained apologetically.

“That’s a bloody lie!” Henry retorted.

“Is it now?” Sharon answered a smirk on her lips as she moved seductively towards Henry.

“Sweetie, you’d always known. You’d always known that something wasn’t right about us, admit it!” She said sweeping her hands passed Henry’s face and then suddenly, her gaze was on me.

“And you…you still don’t remember, do you?” Sharon asked her smirk growing bigger as she walked towards me.

“Remember what?” I heard myself scream as I tried to breathe. It was like the air had gone out of the room.

“Burn-fire night, School, 2001?” Sharon asked stopping in front of me, her eyes holding mine daring me to remember. I could also literally hear the heart beats of the two men in our lives thumping faster, waiting for me to remember as well. What is it? What am I supposed to remember, I thought warily and just like a flash, I took a walk back to the night Sharon had just mentioned.

It had been a crazy night, the night when I wanted to be like everybody else and was high on some poison my roommates gave to me. That night, I recalled, I had sauntered back into my room from the party to find Sharon on my bed and….

“oh no no no!” I cried as I could suddenly remember everything.

“Oh yes Ij…!” Sharon grinned “Oh yes”



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  1. still puzzled,, but I know I will solve it. Nice writing, Sire.

    1. You should try reading from the beginning by clicking on my name to get access to the whole story and to other stories i’ve written too.
      At the end of each episode, there is a link for the episode before it.

  2. still puzzled,, but I know I will solve it. Nice writing, Sir.

    1. ma’am* lolx…i’m a woman…thanks for reading darling. i appreciate your comment.

    1. i wish i can agree with you…but looking at it, i could see alot of typos here and there….wasn’t edited though and i couldn’t find the time to do so…but still, i appreciate your comment. thanks

  3. wow really lovely piece followed it all the way a very lovely twist I must say didn’t see it cuming

    1. lolx.. well that’s what im famous for…unexpected endings… you should check out my other stories..believe me, you will never really see anything coming.
      Thanks for reading and dropping your thoughts

  4. Hmmmmm what did she do, 14 years for homo O!!!

    1. hahahaha… aswear…a much needed revelation.
      thanks dear for reading. I appreciate you alot

  5. Hmmm.. Seriously this was not the end i expected… Thumbs up bro

    1. lolx…thanks
      and #winks i’m a lady…..

  6. Now I need to read the previous episodes…sounds intriguing.

    1. Well you should, at the end of each episode is a link to the episode before it….
      Thanks alot for reading and dropping your thoughts

  7. nice ending. didn’t really expect this.

    1. lolx.. well that’s what im famous for…unexpected endings… Thanks darling for reading and dropping your thoughts

    1. thanks…thanks alot for reading.

  8. Are there other parts to this? I think I gotta read em. Nice one Q.

    1. yes dear. At the end of every episode is a link to the one before it….Enjoy!

  9. Hmmm.

    Good noon.

    I hope you do not mind – I figured stories are put on here for critiquing, right? You post your stories so you can get better, no?

    I stand corrected.

    Anyways, I think you can write.

    Having said that, however, I would like to add – it is important you pay as much attention to finishing as you did to beginning. A good product can be marred by packaging and delivery.

    Case in point:

    “Sighing ruthlessly as she swept her gaze over Henry, Sharon stood rooted at the door and crossed her arms unwilling to budge.”

    How does one ‘sigh ruthlessly’?

    I think what you want to establish here is Sharon’s frustration. There are other ways you can do that. You’re a lady. How do you/your friends act when you’re/they’re frustrated?

    ‘Sharon stood firmly in front of the door looking very much like an immovable object as she crossed her arms and stomped her well-turned left foot.’

    What do you think?

    “Well if you are not going to tell, I will” Odion continued turning his gaze from Sharon to me.

    How about;

    ‘His gaze left Sharon and sought me out, burning with an emotion I cannot name.’


    “Q…Sharon is gay. You are the one she is in love with” Odion announced and I stood dumbfounded.

    The way the news about Sharon’s sexuality was announced, I can tell it was supposed to be a big deal. But – with the way Odion (and indirectly, you wrote it) delivered it and Q received it, he might as well as have been saying ‘Sharon is female’.

    How about;

    “Q – I hate to shock you but…” he floundered, as if suddenly unsure about what he wanted to say. “…well, Sharon is – Sharon is gay, Q.”

    It didn’t make any sense.

    Sharon? Gay?!

    I could see, from Henry’s open-mouthed expression I wasn’t alone in my ignorance.

    I hope you really do not mind me taking the liberty – I thought to share a bit of my ignorance. Please ignore if it is of no use to you.

    You can write. Don’t stop.

    1. LOLX…hi darling…thanks alot for the correction. i appreciate you so much for pointing them out but i’ll also like to disagree on you on some of them. i’m no expert in writing and you are right, we are all here to learn and i must confess, i’ve learnt a lot on this platform.

      My disagreement however is based on the fact that all writers ‘can not’ write the same way or in other words, we express ourselves differently, hence our different style of writing.

      I like how i express myself. It may not suit your own ideal way but it makes my work so much easier to read and understand. With that said, thanks once again for the tips. #muah

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