Elegy For A Nameless Child

The revelry of your birth,
Came as latter rain on earth;
With woo-hoo played from zither
Sinking down every ears of livings;
Trobbing abroad as clappings of mighty thunder
Quaking tombs to share the fair tidings;
Passers-by stopped, Rushing on and on
Like team clad of finest ribbon
Och! Och! He’s a young lad!
Lying on bed like tender lotus’ pad
Too soft and wany as ripped almond
His cheeks dimpled not, Nor defined folds;
With churny visage as burnt diamond,
Diddy eyeballs akin to muddy marigolds;
That swept round corners of the room
And like swimmer drowned in gray doom
Of a sudden, His head he raised,
Like all that went through his gaze;
Were too fearful to bore alone
A barren silence across the wall,
Clued us, He’s breathless as stone
If as a bullet landed in my skull;
I stood paralized, Ached-freezing,
Lamed of words, Robbed of reasoning
Paving this punt of fogged agony,
Better to sail within than being loony
Along vale of my breast in bravery,
Yet my bittered eyes betrayed me;
Rending my sight blind and teary
Throes broke my bones like dry tree;
The pangs, The groans as uncontrolled whelp
Like a stabbed man yelling for help
O blood, Tears, Fires, clangors, Tempest
Thousand maelstroms that scoopes a sad rest;
Deaths that gaits bye like clever thief
How hasty’s you, Otime, O naked death;
Woe’s world, What an undone grief,
A tata would smile his mother’s dismal breath
Even though soothing words never heal,
Losses, cuts and wounds that bleed
Aurevoir, Aurevoir, Little sacred boy!
O come, come back, Play with toy
Pay this honor to saints and cherub,
Till we no more sing, cry nor whimper;
Of our tongues, Hearts which you rob,
Our merries, Our joy you fill but despair
Little buddy, No cheers of mirth
Wear your saber and club in right
Fend for yourself, For yourself in heaven
Like old-monster, Make your limbs seven;
Climb rocks with your manly strength,
If you travel along thicket or wood;
Fend for yourself as valiant knight,
You are brute to joy of motherhood;
Goodnit friend, Fly back to dreads and wild
Wish I know your name, O nameless child
Edited @ 2015

2 thoughts on “Elegy For A Nameless Child” by Chukwuebuka Adebayo (@Sirtoby)

  1. kay (@kaymillion)

    wonderful one!
    i go with this”Even though soothing words never heal,
    Losses, cuts and wounds that bleed”

  2. I Like this
    it keeps me short of words
    to express my pleasures
    very Good

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