Diary of the Mistress

3.30 am
23rd May, 2015

I bask in the glory that he reaches out to me as early as 3 am reciting love poetry or recalling our love escapades but no matter how hung up i am to the past or how needy to those words at the moment, what still remains as the unscathed truth is the man is still a boy.

So what if he had to marry her because she got pregnant for him. if he could service the need then he should man the deed. So what if he didn’t realize she wasn’t all that before they married. So what if she nags, is dirty or cheats. i have my own big flaws. To have someone i care about diss them that way is unimaginable.

Oh yes i love him and yes most times i wish his wife could die so i can have him all to myself but if i tell myself the unadulterated truth i know he will do same to me. Marriage is such a huge responsibility and making a mockery of it no matter how it was contracted which by the way is no business of mine is quiet demeaning and says a lot about the concerned parties.

I kinda hate love. Love has left its scars and its reminder in a 3 am message of frustration and lust. Love has left an anger in name tags of ‘husband snatcher’,’ashawo’, ‘other woman’, ‘mistress’. I smile and act like all is okay. Open my legs wide as he fills me the only way i call bliss with the false euphoria numbing the guilt that only me can elicit the oohhhhs and aaahhha as he pours his seed in me and the thrust of contraceptive with a kiss.

I see the tears of friends and colleagues as they emaciate in agony over the absconding husband or recall experience with tears streaming down like a heavy Lagos downpour. I hear the curses on the strange woman in the life of their men. I am hidden from the knowledge of trusted friends and family and i wonder is this all i want in this life.

Oh well, as much as i desire the likes of Oshobaba. Men; with the pride of age evident in grey hair and government money, i did make do with dudes like Kunle and his wife palava as long as my rent is paid and there is guaranteed orgasm.

15 thoughts on “Diary of the Mistress” by rosy (@Rosey)

  1. Dear madam mistress keep doing your thingy, them wives will continue to curse you.
    It is how it is.
    Men won’t stop cheating because there are women who will continue to let them.

  2. What exactly is the ultimate goal in life? Pursuit of happiness? Lost for what is transient?
    This is really revealing as it’s pathetic. But then, one man’s food is another’s poison.
    Men and women will always cheat, married or not.
    Nice one.

  3. What exactly is the ultimate goal in life? Pursuit of happiness? Lost for what is transient?
    This is really revealing as it’s pathetic. But then, one man’s food is another’s poison.
    Men and women will always cheat, married or not.
    It didn’t start in our time

  4. I was thinking about writing something like this… You did it well… I’ll chill and enjoy yours.

  5. The diary of a mistress–with a heart. Many would hardly care about the wives of those men nor the name-calling.

    Nice–only, the sentences that started with small letters and the occasional typing of I as ‘i’ made it seem a little unprofessional.

  6. A short comment I laugh as I do not blame the mistress. She desires orgasms right, so let her have it.

  7. @ Amina: thanks for the comment. you are so damn right. Men will always cheat because there are women who will let them.
    @chime: thanks alot for the comment. some valid questions you asked there.
    @ufuoma:thanks alot but will still love to read yours.
    @namdi: thanks and noted. will proof read and make necessary corrections next time.
    @pierre: thanks for the comment but orgasm is such an important thing o. lol

  8. ahem… well, what do i say. Mistress keeps my husband away, mistress reaps where she didn’t sow, mistress sometimes keeps my family intact…..

    1. @elovepoetry..I’m curious too,how do they sometimes keep our family intact?

  9. The ultimate in life is not the pursuit of happiness but the happiness of pursuit. Even if u r assured of orgasm and rent money, you may not get more than that. The man can never be yours. And don’t forget the law of karma will somehow, someway catch up with u. So get #akonuche

  10. @elovepoetry: i have heard that before but i still question ‘ how do mistress help us keep our family ?’ thank you very much for the comment though.
    @Nnedu: thanks for the comment. some wise sayings you have there but Karma? i have seen good people get what they did not sow and bad people go scott free.

    1. @Rosey, @eberenwosu, in many ways. Marriage is not a smooth sail, sometimes the husband finds solace in the bosom of another woman, and the warmth of the thighs of another woman sometimes is the panacea to the wife’s misgivings.

  11. Orgasm nd Rent kwa! Hmm is this how there brain really works? I mean those mistress.

  12. And so, the mistress will become a wife sooner or later, and she’ll definitely have another mistress to satisfy her husband in return.

  13. Very well written. Short, sharp and to the point. Thank you.

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