Deranged Rants



The world is not enough, no trust me…it’s just one jumbled place to be and keeping up is one hella task, believe me. These days, I just watch the world go the right way towards the wrong and I’m not going to say anything. What could I even possibly say? Its not like anyone’s listening, the guys are busy being annoying Flirts and the ladies, well, their up to their usual job of being the Eve.

A smile, it seems to fix everything….my perfect deceit for the dumb world which YOU happen to be a part of. Pfft, even you don’t know it, smh.

These new kids here and their ranting of being the best, the stupid crave for TF, y’all have it going wrongly-right idea, wrong approach. Bruhh, it don’t work that way okay? And dont blame it on politics which all of a sudden has become the new devil. Like Jesus didn’t live in a time when politics existed.

Dang, now i’m not eve sure what  I’m saying, neither do you understand what you’re reading so you might as well leave now. Shit, just before i ignite WW3 i better shut up already.


I rest my case(If at all i had started any)


21 thoughts on “Deranged Rants” by Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

  1. I think i spotted a couple of typos. Asides that, what does one say to such a piece? I have absolutely no idea.

    1. This was not a piece of wrighting @mcsnol because the last time I checked, NS was a place where people write…

  2. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    Lol! This is typically what I expected to read. I’ve read some of your pieces, including The Quill(s) which you recommended on some of your comments on a post yesterday. Honestly, I found them quite educative and useful. I am one to believe in honesty. If you think a work is not good, say it.

    It is very true that on NS everyone pretty much wants appraisals, and like you said, they are getting it. Everyone wants to get good feedback (I do too), but the truth is those ‘Kudos’ ‘Good job’ ‘Nice piece’ people say to you without picking out your mistakes elevate your spirit but keep you stagnant in a world where you feel ‘SAFE’

    I’m not saying it’s wrong to leave good feedback but if there is a problem with it, mention it. Because holding back when you know you can make the person a better writer is being selfish.

    We don’t always meet sweet critics who want to pat our backs and say this is wrong and this is right over a nice drink. The world is difficult and if you want to survive out there as a writer then suck it up and learn from it. If not for anything, make it your challenge to get a good comment from that critic on your next post or the next. Keep trying and watch how better you would become.

    I don’t think I’m a good writer but I believe I am getting better, because I read some of my old stuffs now and wonder what I was thinking writing them.

    This medium, no matter what anyone else would like to say, has made lots of writers better, and I’m certain a lot of people are proof of that.

    I’m just saying, we can’t keep sugarcoating everything. No one gets better that way.

    I know this seems like a post of it’s own, and I’m sorry I sabotaged your post for this. I just had to get it out.


    1. @roy-journals I understood what u said and saw some facts in it but what I want to point out is that you don’t need to be Harsh or Rude before you make someone a better writer.

      Not everyone is here to deliver a good and excellent piece, not everyone here is a writer

      Some are here to speak their mind and the only way they can do it is through poetry. Whether it was written with the Best prepositions or they made use of their punctuations well they wouldn’t know.
      They just said what they won’t b able to say on a normal day.

      And it u Rudely corrects such person what do u thin would happen to such person’s moral. To u it was just another imperfect piece but to them it was much more.

      If u need to correct make them know a better way of expressing themselves to make other people understand them fully, that way u are molding the person

      Likewise some people who write pieces here they might b telling a story that happened to them but u won’t c it that way…don’t b a bad cop all the time u can b both- a good and bad cop.
      Even during interrogations its allowed.

      So pls don’t kill people moral, don’t stop them from writing u don’t know if that’s d only way they feel important and then u take it away from them.

      Sorry I also had to say this few.

      1. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

        Oh dear! @kellyshor I really am Sorry you feel this way. I might have spoken too quickly without sentiment, and I apologize for that. Not everyone here wants to pursue a career in writing, and to some people this is just a medium to express their thoughts. I guess I didn’t think that far (My bad).

        I might have spoken on a somewhat prejudiced context, and I do hope you accept my apology.

        Nonetheless, I still maintain my ground that the world is difficult, and people are bound to say things to you in ways they deem fit, irrespective of how it affects your morale. It takes a bigger person to fish out the good in what he or she might have said (if any), and toss the negativity under the carpet.

        It doesn’t necessarily have to be about your writing, it could be anything.

        Either ways, I’m terribly Sorry about how this affects you or anyone else on this medium.

        1. @roy-journals its ok no offense taken…I guess we’ll they to b a bigger person…*winks*

  3. I read it even after been warned not to, couldnt get anything outta it tho.

    1. Honestly!!!!!

      Really???? why put this crap out here??? Now, I’m being honest with you Ugo. The language you used, the everything! are you kidding me?? For the sake of helping people do not be RUDE!

      This just shows how unprofessional you are!

      you used “TF??” and you expect us to take this serious??? you expect us to grow from this?? I’m really pissed that NS allowed this piece be published.

      and this is not a romance story like we are used to??? As if that’s all you’ve read here right??

      I’m just going to shut up now before i start typing rubbish like you did…

  4. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 39 VIEWS AND 6 COMMENTS ALREADY? Can we all chill? Lol
    First off, you read the title, DERANGED RANTS…pfft, what meaning were you expecting to make out of a mad man’s talk?
    Its more ‘some people’ had been waiting for me so its normal that the first comment was a TYPO ERROR, what if i told you it was intentional just so you’d quench your thirst to get back at me :D
    Anyway, this was nothing serious like Ufuoma my padi padi said…lol, so now let’s all chill.
    Roy, You ‘speech’ was fine….Let’s just hope this thread doesn’t turn to ‘that’ memo.
    If anyone got mad at me, well I’m sorry (but you ignored the Do not read part na) abeg I’m sorry so let’s laugh this over…how bout we have dinner tonight at the White House, bill’s on me…;-)
    And again, I’m sorry if this post (my expensive joke) got you mad.


    1. I really don’t know what you mean by “‘some people’ had been waiting for me” and ” so you’d quench your thirst to get back at me.” I don’t even know you, man. I believe I’m the only one who commented about the typo, which is, I believe, one of the purposes of NS. Put up your stuff, people read and then comment on the good and the bad, you take the criticism on the chin and improve. But I guess its just as @roy-journals says: most people here want praise, and nothing but.

  5. Oh! So you put in the typos intentionally? Really? There’s a really skeptical look on my face right now because I don’t believe a word of that! But @ufuomaotebele ndo, no vex abeg. The piece doesn’t make any sense to me either but then, I guess that’s why he titled it “Deranged Rants.”

  6. I believe, no, I suspected the errors were intentional…to me, most of them looked deliberate…like “their” instead of “they’re” and “eve” instead of even. A fullstop was even(consciously) omitted…
    I think I understand why this didn’t really go well with people. I’m sure if it was @ufuomaotebele or @ameenaidrees, or even @Roy-journals that posted this, the reaction wouldn’t be as aggresive and unfriendly as this, cos they practically embrace this verse in proverbs, “a soft word breaketh the bone” ….CORRECTING but ENDEARING.
    But dating back briefly, though @ugochuckwu doesn’t really seem aggresive or “murdering” works like kaycee but he’s been practically tearing at people’s work. So it just seemed too right to ‘tear’ at him too…like say, every words you say, every ‘omer’ you type…creates the YOU that either attracts people or repel them…it’s as simple as that.
    I wouldn’t say this piece(deranged rants) was a nice idea…but it did address and ‘unburied’ many issues that needed ‘unburying’ and addressing………..a “lesson” in disguise.

  7. I had decided not to drop anymore comments her but @praize brought me back and i’d love to address one issue……..I DON’T TEAR PEOPLE’S STORY APART, It just breaks my heart to see a good story being delivered poorly.
    Now, I’d just smile and walk back into my cave, wake me up when the ChallengeMe shortlist comes up…..:-)

  8. Men I couldn’t stop laughing during the process of reading your comments.

    The fact is creativity breeds invention and everyone is allowed to be. Now one question that you should ask yourself when writing anything that has to do with literature is; What is the purpose of your work? What message are you hoping to pass across? A good writeup can lift someone up and a meaningless piece that is filled with balderdash and laced with gibberish can bring down an already hopeless or dying soul.

    I loved the idea, but you would have made it more creative and meaningful even though your aim wasn’t for it to make sense.

    Saying that the errors were intentionally makes the reader to see the writer as someone that is lost and empty, with nothing salient to say.

    If anyone is looking for cheap merited comments then that person is lost.

    Anyways am glad you all have buried the Uzi, magnum and Mp4. No WW3.

    Once gain I rejoiced reading the comments. A still having a laff.

  9. Lmao…who says you TEAR STORIES APART @ugochuckwu ?? You ‘tear’ at the works of others doesn’t neccessarily mean you are ‘disecting’ the story and showing the erronous intenstines in the piece…Jeez, I’ve seen people who are glaringly so good but correct and advise with humility…I don’t know if you met @sibbylwhyte (bubblina) or @topazo …they are not that active now, they were about 2 years ago. This isn’t about saying, ‘hey, i intentionally put that typo there’ …they are glaringly good, but yet when correcting others, they do so with the sole aim of modelling other young writers….though @topazo was a bit harsh, but by the time he finishes his speech, you know this guy isn’t just showing off…he shares what he thinks would make you a better writer.
    We’ve got many good writers now too…but maturity and humility (not only in writing) involves accepting criticsm as a stepping stone to becoming better, and simultenously reaching down below to those beneath to bring them up too.
    But the sad thing is, there are many below who have the illusion that they are on top, while another set of people drown the more when critiscms are thrown at them instead of using it as a stepping stone…Writing is about becoming better…and making others greater……simple.

  10. You could check out these writers too..
    @seun-odukoya , @jaywriter , @afronuts , and @chemokopi

    Most times I track back to read their works, especially @chemokopi and @sibbylwhyte …It’s another avenue to learn and get real experience…the comments then were really really constructive and educative…I met these guys since SS2. I hardly post works here except for a few poems that I typed on my mobile phone cos poems take less time to type…I’m still learning, We’re all still learning….
    No offence, but sometimes I think Naija stories has lost some of its exciting elements…

  11. Hmmm its titled Deranged Rant, its not like he decieved us. What I read was exactly what it was. If I were to have an unrestrained rant about something I’m passionate about it may or may not include a few curse words. Also He actually made 2 good points
    1. The world is headed in the wrong direction and most of our opinions dont count
    2. Stop blaming everything on Politics, politics has always been around since the olden days

    Yes the peice was aggressive and barely coherant but rants are agressive and deranged behavior is generally not Coherant.

    I recently went to a Lecture given by Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie last Sunday, she discussed Censorship and how the literary community puts guidelines up for writers she disputes that content and topics are too closed in and boxed up.@Ugochuckwu I plan to do a writeup on her lecture within the next month.

  12. Oh my!!!! I could almost feel the softness in your voice @Ivie9ja .
    Anyway, i sure am looking forward to your write up, and next time you’re off to see Ms. Aduchie, please call me :-)

  13. @Ugochuckwu I inherited my voice from my mother lol. I meant everything I said though. If I see a piece that is horrible I dont put a comment at all. This “rant” made sense to me *shrugs* lol

  14. I wish i could do the same thing, Truth is i’m haunted if i dont comment on a poorly written piece, dunno why, it just breaks my heart to see a good story with a poor delivery.

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