Coming To America 1

“Aluka, how are you preparing for your trip”, Uncle Akajiaku
asked. “Well, I’ve bought some cold jackets and cardigans” I
answered excitedly.
I am to leave for America in some few days because Uncle
Akajiaku who seemed to be the only caring uncle I’ve got, has
secured admission for me (Medicine) at University of Texas.
Mummy said “Aluks Nwannem, I’ll be the one to see you off at
the airport”. I could feel her voice breaking. Mummy was about
to cry, she’ll miss me as much as I’ll miss her. I planted a kiss
on her forehead and said “Yes Mummy, No wahala”!
I and Mummy left Aba for Lagos with the ABC transport around
7:05am, we reached Lagos later that evening, my flight was
scheduled for 10:30pm, we had to take supper early and we
rushed off to the airport. Mummy kept asking “Aluka, hope you
didn’t forget anything? I said “Yes Mummy”. What about your
“Visa”? “I am with it Mummy” I answered calmly. “What about
the International passport” she asked again, “I am with it
mummy na”, she was very observant to spot that I was already
becoming irritated by her frequent questions, then, she let me
We sat at the departure lounge waiting for the time to go pass,
then a female voice came along “Qatar
Airlines flight 864 to America, scheduled for departure at
10:30p.m from gate C- five, is now scheduled to depart at
11:30p.m, from gate C-four. Please, check the arrival and
departure boards for more specific information on individual
I sighed deeply, Mummy said “Thank God’! I asked “why” and
.Mummy said “I want to spend more time with you”, She was
already crying. Why wouldn’t she cry? Her son is about to go to
the Land unknown, nobody knew what awaited me. I felt hurt, I
decided almost never to travel again. But, what about Uncle
Akajiaku? What about the money he has spent thus far? What
about my passion for Medicine? What about a better life in
America? I couldn’t wait to inform Nkwachukwu and Chibuike
about my arrival in America.. I couldn’t wait to have a feel of
the winter season. “Mummy stop crying”, I said softly “I will
always be calling, I will always be sending you ego oyibo” I said
with a huge sense of humour. “I will….emm…. That female
voice came again “Attention please”, all passengers boarding
flight 864, rescheduled for departure at 11:30pm, should please
report to gate C-four, ready for departure”. I kissed mummy
and said “Bye-Bye” with tears flowing down freely.
I got checked, climbed the stairs and was directed to my seat..
The pilot’s voice ran through “Qatar Airline 864, enroute
America, please fasten your seatbelts, take off in a bit”
ALUKA! ALUKA! Wake up jorr! You no go go GSS class by 9 O’
clock? Go baff sharply abeg, I wan use the bathroom. “Chai! So
it was all a dream” I thought aloud.
I gave Michael, my roommate, a murdering look and sighed!

7 thoughts on “Coming To America 1” by Aluka Igbokwe (@Alusdagreat)

  1. Haha…….nice piece.

  2. @alusdagreat, watch the tenses. You kept switching from present tense to past tense. Good job with the ending.

  3. Lol funny your writing was perfect…kai what a dream!!! #following

  4. Lol funny
    your writing was perfect well done for that…kai what a dream!!! #following

  5. Dreams money can buy!

    You got me on this one @Alusdagreat
    Nice write

  6. This is like my dreams I have where I am crazy rich but then I wake up as broke as I was before I went to bed. lol *sigh* I’m curious to see where this series is heading…

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