Like butterflies my heart flutters,

when thoughts of you come through.

Evolution has become an unwanted guest

as revolution becomes imminent.

The days we live in scream for change

of a sort not envisaged.

Radical change in the mindset of a nation

a nation of people so blessed.


As time passes and the butterflies still flutter,

I marvel at how from this flower to the next,

they go about spreading goodness.

Nature has been thoughtful, sorting out life’s challenges

before they are envisaged.

Propagating goodness of an order

that should not be changed in this life nor in lives to come,

for on to providence our souls cling.


Dawn approaches as the night lingers.

Denying mankind of time to ponder

the exuberance of our Creator so mighty,

by whose greatness we sleep nightly

and arise to praise daily.

Indeed the time for change has come,

the time when greatness is unveiled,

the time when greatness prevails.

4 thoughts on “Butterflies” by Uche Ebo (@uchennaebo)

  1. Horlhart (@Olarinoye54)

    This is a good piece…
    I can see you are trying to draw people’s attention to appreciating nature and the Creator.

    1. Uche Ebo (@uchennaebo)

      @Olarinoye54. Thanks so much

  2. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Okay what’s the first stanza doing there since this was supposed to be a poem that gets us to appreciate nature??

    I’ve read this poem 3 times now and each stanza carefully. You need to work on getting your point access swiftly.

    One minute you’re saying something about evolution and revolution and the world’s need for a change and then you’re speaking on nature being thought ful.

    Please enlighten me if you think I’m missing something here. I tried to understand the piece.

    1. Uche Ebo (@uchennaebo)

      @ufuomaotebele. Thanks so much.
      Its just about appreciating that nature and life, hence societal systems will always take care of themselves for the better on their own.
      Life and nature’s cycle of revolution, evolution and change are almost always constant and its designed to be so.
      Thanks once again.

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