Do know
your two succulent breasts give my hormones frisson.
There is no dubiety
– you call it unpiety –
how each time sultry you give my hopes langour
for you insist it’s untill marriage.
Bimpe, now is the time
you and me can enjoy the beatitudes of our sinful love
and enjoy more the guilt of our innocence.
But you’re shyster
and your pretence ain’t innocence.
But my peter wants to visit your vagina
for greener pastures!

Your tight skirts show the crease
of your panties
and i’ve tried smoothening it in my heart
but your ibadi dances away the heat of my sinful celibacy.
When you walk,
rivulets of milk flow in your pneumatic breasts
and i want to suck your nipples like two feeding bottles in the hands of a wealthy tot.
Your hip is a perfect architecture of organic brackets
enclosing the pleasures of Eden.

What if marriage is a mirage?
Let me tell you something real quick:
if my wish is a sin
then your being nubile is a sin.

5 thoughts on “Bimpe” by Olaniyi Olayemi (@OlaniyiOlayemi)

  1. thirst for pleasure
    a mind at leisure

  2. you’re right. thanks

  3. I hadn’t even gone far and the second line made me frown.

    Take succulent away when describing a woman’s breast. It takes a lot from the sexiness you’re trying to convey.

    If you had simply said “your two soft breast,” you hit the feeling straight home.

    And “my Peter wants to visit your vagina??” Why not just say “my Peter wants to visit your rosemary?”

    I’m a girl and no, I’m not being biased. I liked where the poem was heading to but instead of it being a sexy and erotic sort of peace, it made me uncomfortable. It’s the language you used… I’ll let other people read it and see what they think…

  4. i kind of fall not for the diction you should have been more comparative.
    what if her being nubile is the work of nature, then you are committing a great sin. lolz

  5. This reminds me of those guys who con girls out of thier virginity. This type of language in our opinion in highschool only worked on the girls with low self esteem @olaniyiolayemi your chacter in this tale is a very bad boy lol

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