The Betrayal

The Betrayal

The taxi stopped in front of a large house with a big mango tree in front. Kayode got down from the car and paid the driver. As the taxi drove off, he dipped his hand into his pocket, brought out a piece of paper, unfolded it and read. He returned it to his pocket and looked up at the building. A window flew open and a woman called, “Boda Kayode?” He nodded.

The woman shut the window and a few seconds later, the door was opened. As he approached the door, the woman tried to help him with his bag, but he declined politely.

As he entered, he put down his bag, looked around the house, checked the pictures and finally sat down to rest. The woman came to ask him if he would eat amala, he told her yes and thanked her.

The house belongs to his friend, Seyi. The woman is Seyi’s wife. He had called Seyi to inform him that he would be in town to spend a few days on a research. Seyi had said ok, but he had told him that he would not be around. He had informed his wife of Kayode’s coming and had asked her to take good care of him.

The woman came back after about twenty minutes with hot amala and soup littered with orisirisi. She set it before him and excused herself to take a shower.

Kayode had eaten and had fallen asleep when he felt a tap on his shoulder. The first thing that hit him was the heavy smell of perfume. Then he opened his eyes to the strangest of sights. Seyi’s wife was standing over him, wearing a short, transparent pink gown. As she bent over him, he could see her breasts hanging out and shaking each time she tapped him. He swallowed hard and sat up.

He checked the time; it was just four o’clock. Why the night gown or whatever it was she was wearing? “Boda Kayode, will you come and sleep upstairs?” Her voice jarred his errant thoughts back to reality.

He nodded and stood up. She led the way. As she climbed the stairs, she took her time, turning and twisting with each step. Her round bottom vibrated every time her feet hit the ground. He swallowed hard and averted his eyes.

She led him into a room and told him that would be his room for the duration of his stay. He kicked off his shoes, said thanks, and jumped on the bed. She asked if he would sleep in his clothes and he said yes. She shook her head. “Ah! We don’t do that here o. You will have to undress, take a shower and sleep in something fresh, prefferably, boxers.” He said ok and she left.

He was sleeping when he heard someone calling his name insistently. “Boda Kayode. Boda Kayode.” He jumped out of bed and ran to the room where his name was being called. The windows were open and Seyi’s wife was sitting down with her back to him.

“What’s wrong, errm, what’s your name? Seyi told me but I forgot.”

“Bisola. Bisola Alarinka.”

“Ok. Bisola, what’s wrong? I heard you screaming my name.”

“Sorry about that. Please I need you to help me do something.”

“Ok. What’s that?”

Her gown dropped to reveal her bare back. “I need you to help me apply this treatment on my back and some other places. Seyi helped me with it but since he’s not around, I hope you can help?”

He was silent. She looked back and saw his expression. “Oh! I hope it’s not too much to ask? If it is, I’m sorry I bothered you.”

She talked about it naturally like she saw nothing wrong with it. Her ease made him feel stupid for even thinking she would have anything else in mind. Maybe that’s just the way she was. He replied her quickly, “No, no, it’s cool.”

He moved closer and she handed him the medicated lotion. He put it on her back and then used his thumb to spread it on her back. She wiggled off and faced him, holding the gown in front. “The thumb can’t do it. You have to use your palm. That’s how Seyi applies it.”

He nodded and continued. It felt strange feeling his palm carressing the back of his friend’s wife. As he massaged, he felt her body tense and relax over and over again. As he massaged her back even further, she slid down the gown more and more. First to the shoulders, but as he caressed her shoulders, she slid it down again until he was carressing right above her pant.

He wanted to stop then, but she bent forward and he found his hands slipping into her pants and applying the lotion on her bottom. He felt her body rock, and then he stopped.

She turned to face him, anger burning in her half-closed eyes. “Why did you stop?”

He stuttered, then answered, “Do you need me to apply there too?”

She opened her eyes fully and replied, “Yes.” She sighed, then said, “It’s enough for the back; I think you can help me with my thigh now.”

He choked, “What?! Your thigh?”

“Yes. I have to apply it there too.”

He nodded and put the lotion on her thigh. As he carressed, she spread her laps wider. By the time he finished applying, he could see her pant and strands of hair shooting out underneath it.

As he stood up, she dropped her gown that she had been holding to reveal firm breasts and throbbing nipples. He shook his head and placed his laps together to stop her from seeing the huge bulge inside his boxers.

He backed her and asked, “Bisola, what’s all these? What is going on here?”

She stood up and went to his front, wearing nothing but her pant. He winced. “Boda Kayode, what is all what? Don’t you like what you see?”

“That is not the point. You are my friend’s wife.”


She moved closer and placed her hand on his chest. As he tried to remove her hand, he parted his legs and she saw the bulge in his boxers. She reached for it almost instinctively and he groaned like an animal fighting for its life.

He wanted to push her away, but he found himself holding her. He was saying, “Stop. Stop. Please stop this.” But he was pulling her closer with his bulging manhood grazing the top of her pant.

While her right hand continued to caress his manhood, she used her left hand to push her pant down and used her leg to slide it down. She pulled down his boxers and grinded herself against him. He groaned again and rested his back on the wall of the room.

Her hands on his body drove him crazy. Every time he thought it couldn’t get better, it did. As her hands slid down his stomach, she scratched the hair around his penis and he shouted. As he was still recovering, her hand played around his penis, and he shook. But when her hand enveloped his penis, he blacked out.

The next thing he knew, he was pushing her to the bed, her laps parted immediately. He slid his finger into her; she was wet. She grinded herself against his hand and he probed for some seconds before ejecting his hands and entering her.

As he entered her, her eyes were closed, with her lips slightly parted like she was gasping for air. He thrust into her gently at first, withdrew, then thrust into her powerfully. With each thrust, she made an “aaash” sound. Then she wrapped her legs around him and shifted closer to enable better penetration. As they continued, they were both sweating; his sweat dripping on her breast and rolling over her nipples, and their laps, wet with sweat, rubbing together on meeting. She stretched her hands to his back and held him tighter, and lifted herself to meet his thrusts.

He heard a car stop outside and voices talking. He wanted to pull away, she refused. “Seyi is not due back until next week.”

He relaxed and continued. Then, he heard keys turning in the key hole. He almost jumped up, but she held him down with her legs and hands and told him, “It must be from the television set. It does that sometimes; turn itself on. Seyi promised to get a new one next month.”

As she was still saying that, he heard footsteps climbing the stairs. This time, even if she wanted to stand up, he wouln’t allow it. He was cumming and he would rather die than interrupt it. He saw what looked like the shadow of a man pass in front of the room. He blinked and it was gone. He sighed in relief. Even Bisola gave him an “I-told-you-so look”.

Suddenly someone rushed into the room holding a gun and screaming, “Kayode, you? How did I ever wrong you?”

He was cumming and he knew that any time now, he would explode into her. He looked at Seyi and gave him the look of an helpless man.

Seyi cocked the gun, Kayode was cumming, Bisola was cumming. Seconds later, the three of them were shouting; Kayode shouting as he exploded into her, Bisola screaming as she climaxed and Seyi shouting as he shot bullet after bullet into them.

By the time the gun clicked, only one man was alive. Kayode was on Bisola, sprawled, with gaping bullet holes on his buttocks. A bullet had penetrated Bisola’s left nipple too, ripping her breast open and her mouth hanging open with a smile of satisfaction on her lips.

Seyi dropped the gun and turned Kayode. As he turned him face-up, his penis slid out of Bisola and his cum mixed with their blood to form a mess on the bed – his matrimonial bed.

He heard sirens outside and police radios chattering, “Shots fired. Shots fired.”

He removed his shoe, opened the window wider, stepped onto the window pane and looked all the way down. As he heard the police shoot the key hole, he let go of the window, closed his eyes and jumped.

James Ogunjimi​

5 thoughts on “The Betrayal” by James Ogunjimi (@Hullerj)

  1. Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

    A very tragic ending to tye story although I have issues with your narration when Boda was with the babe, vocabs and tenses.

    When he was applying the lotion you said the robe tthat she was wearing dropped below her chest level he was in her pant applying the lotion.

    Later you said she dropped her robe to reveal her breaat. Did she put the robe back on ? And at what point in the story did she putit back on.

    “Below her back”, not “above her pant”, cos he started the exercise from the top of her back and during the process she kept on dropping her robe gradually with every touch that he took. Thats the image you painted.

    Then it should be ‘climaxing or about to clumax’, not’cumming’, there is nothing like cumming.

    Then you wrote ,”he heard voices taking”,
    “I heard voices” is more like it, or “I heard people talking.

    Finally you wrote she made an ‘aagh sound’, aagh is aound already. You said the same thing twice. She made a groan, “aaagh”, or she made a sound,”aagh”., will be more like it.
    Keep on writing bro.

  2. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)


    When you want to write a story that has a sex scene in it, if not written properly it tends to be a mess.

    And when ever you want to do such please, (drum.roll please) always have your favorite book.that has a sex scene with you. To help guide you with your wordings until you’re a pro :-) :-)

    Now about the story. What was Bisola’s reason for cheating? Why was Kayode that stupid?? He sounded robotic to me. Just pulling down someone’s panties without a second thought. And what’s up with the husband going on a killing spree?? You made him seem as if he had some issues?

    I was tragic truly. 3 lovers dying over nothing!

  3. Still trying to figure out the plot, man meets friend’s wife for the first time and sleeps with her- no prior meeting- a tragic one nevertheless. Good writing.

  4. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    It does need a little more detail on the backstory but otherwise it was descriptive. It has potential though.

  5. @thaprince and @ufuomaotebele did a good analysis.

    The end is indeed tragic
    Nice write @HULLERJ keep improving

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