A Few Existential Absurdities

God gives men existence; men deny God’s existence
The Logos gives men life;
Men take the Logos’ life
The more the voice; the less the Word

Armed robbers are given cells within prison walls;
National treasury plunderers are given honorary titles in town halls
In occasions they are given a round of applause
Not minding the agony they have left amongst us

Virgins are brutally raped;
Prostitutes are gladly paid
Legitimately married couples beg for children;
Fun-loving ones get what they don’t want: children!!!

Young men run after young girls;
Young girls run after ideal Men
Some pursue these ideals beyond their prime;
Many only discover at 50 years there is no more time

Then, you, mostly married who was chosen for you;
Now, who you marry is mostly chosen by you
A good number of couples of the then now celebrate 50years of wedlock
A good number of couples of the now wish they can celebrate 5years of wedlock

But why?

We are in the fast age; everything is fast, even marriage
Oh! Please save marriage from the fast age!!!

4 thoughts on “A Few Existential Absurdities” by Bishop Gideon (@gmoney)

  1. This title is strong o.
    Nice poem.

  2. A few existential absurdities in deed
    to which one of this should one heed?
    I am quite happy to read this
    it made my heart feel quite at ease
    although you made a theme stand out
    maybe it is what it is about.

  3. Hmmm. This poem really got me thinking. Humans are always doing things the opposite way. Almost as if that’s how the mind has been programmed. We somehow know how to make wrong seem right…

    Lord help us because it’s only going to get worse with this fast life we all want a piece of.

  4. @GMONEY. So so true, I like this.

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