2-4 Zone: Ethnic Insecurity In Nigeria

Ethnic Insecurity In Nigeria

I was in an environment made up of young educated Nigerians. All had at least a degree or High National Diploma. Most were Yoruba; some Igbo. Though we mixed up to interact inevitably frictions arose.

I found myself in a small group and got close to an Igbo lady. We were chatting away in our language but a couple of Yoruba guys turned on us and insisted that we talk in English. Never mind they were rapping away in their language. It got rather overwhelming.

‘Don’t mind them,; said the lady. ‘Continue.’ I plucked courage and ignored the guys. Seeing they were not making headway, they ignored us. Later,while gisting with the foremost advocates of speak English, I asked them why they wanted me to speak to the lady in English while nobody bugged them when they spoke Yoruba.

‘Omo,’ one said.’ Numerical superiority. And besides, this place is Igboland. We have to protect ourselves.’

It made me pause. Why are Nigerians of ALL ethnic groups so insecure outside their enclaves ? Why do we fear Nigerians who are supposedly different from us? Why?

5 thoughts on “2-4 Zone: Ethnic Insecurity In Nigeria” by henry c.onyema (@ezeakwukwo)

  1. Tribalism is our undoing in Africa, clashes is the order of the day. Not just in Nigeria, in Kenya people are killing each other daily, In Israel Ethiopian Jews have no place to stay in Tel Aviv; In America blacks are after whites and vice-versa, don’t even talk of Russia and Germany. It’s an ethnic world.

    1. Thanks for your post. It is a sad commentary on the beasts in our hearts.

  2. majiri (@majiri)

    Its our being.

    1. I disagree, Sir. We are taught to be like that; we are not created tribalists. Besides, it is in the interest of those who promote such mindsets to keep people in it. Perhaps I should say this: we are triblists because we come from tribes and identify with them. What is our problem is tribal bigotry; sheer xenophobia; hatred of difference; ugly legacies of history.

      Thanks for your post.

  3. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    It’s a human flaw. We could try to teach our children to be better we can’t force change but we can encourage it….

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