The Troubled Spouse

O why u do me this!
Like sand wey de run thru my fist
away, away from my grip u just de slip
maybe togeda we werent meant to be
cos everytime na your back i just de see
as u dey always weave away de leave…
As u de show na so peace de leave&flee
when u leave, na peace like breeze i de feel pieces

when we de togeda
na so things just de scatter
u just de leave me de wonder
weda this na wahala
See, u de do things de silently hala
but the gentleman wey i be no make me like kasala
At first when we meet na maga i just de maga
but now na sawa your matter sawa
Chineke, Abasi, Allah com save me from palava…

6 thoughts on “The Troubled Spouse” by Barnabas Atungwu (@Barnabas)

  1. Just my view:
    * You ought to include the appropriate category–poetry.
    * I don’t fancy the abbreviated form of ‘you’–U.
    * The letter ‘i’ ought to be typed as ‘I’.

  2. Hmmm! thoughts in pidgin, it”s not too bad sha.

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